Stana Katic Not Asked to Return For Season 9 Of “Castle”


So basically, ABC fired one of the leads. Insanity. I know the show is called ‘Castle’ but I think a lot of the reason it became such a hit was/is the dynamic relationship between Nathan Fillion’s ‘Castle’ and Stana’s ‘Beckett’. This is disappointing.

As reported Monday morning, the ABC series is not asking either Katic or Jones to return in the fall, in the event of renewal, as an apparent means to cut costs. “We are grateful for Stana Katic’s talent and dedication to the series and we hope to continue our relationship,” the network said of Katic’s exit. Beckett’s portrayer meanwhile said in a statement, “I’m very grateful to ABC for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a much beloved show,” adding a “thank you” to the fans.

There are no details at this early stage on how Castle plans to write out one of its two main characters, though co-showrunner Alexi Hawley told TVLine that the Season 8 finale airing May 16 ends in a “dynamic” way that allows for “the possibility that maybe the show won’t come back in the same form.

Yeah, IF it comes back for season 9. One look at twitter and you’ll see it’s trending, and people are NOT happy with this casting shakeup.

TV Line

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Andi Dorfman Says Competing On The Bachelor Was Stupid


Andi Dorfman, who completed on both The Bachelor and then had her own season of The Bachelorette, no has come forward saying competing for Juan Pablo’s heart was the stupidest thing she has ever done. I’m going to have to agree with her. That guy is garbage.

“I remember standing in the rose ceremony room, it’s 4:30 in the morning at this point, it’s freezing cold, everyone is cold and nervous standing on these risers, and you could hear the teeth chattering and the deep breaths,” Dorfman recalled. “And I watch Juan Pablo come in with a stack of roses, and I’m thinking, ‘This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever been a part of. I’m standing here cold, my feet hurt, and I’m waiting for a dude I don’t know to give me a rose.’”

That is hilarious. She’s got a book coming out all about her experience within the Bachelor universe that I cannot wait to read. It’s called It’s Not Okay: Turning Heartbreak Into Happily Never After. HA. Omg… It’s okay.. That’s all Juan Pablo said to her, repeatedly, as she was angrily breaking up with him after their night in the fantasy suite. Must have been a thrilling evening.


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We Are SO CLOSE To a 3rd Bill and Ted Movie


Guys. GUYS. This is the best news I have heard in the last 2 hours. Bill (played y Alex Winter, but he will always be Bill to me) confirmed the news:

“We’ve been working on it for, like six years. We’re knee-deep in the script, it’s been written by Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, who wrote the first two, they are fantastic writers, and the script is great. We have a script, we have a director, we have a studio – we’re just trying to nail down a start date.”

UGH YES. This is great. Start the damn film, guys!! I am an impatient woman and I want my Wild Stallions. And look! They’re still adorable, obvs.



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Rihanna Got a $10 Million Makeup Deal


She’s gotten in with Fenty and will release her exclusive line Fenty Beauty by Rihanna in Fall of 2017.  Only 10 million. That’s practically chump change. Drop in the bucket, even.

Chief executive officer of Kendo, David Suliteanu, told the magazine, “Fenty Beauty by Rihanna is a beauty rocket ship that will appeal to a huge and diverse global audience. We are aiming for the stars.”

I predict!! That this line will fly off the shelves. Who doesn’t wanna look like Ri Ri?! I mean, I am a pasty ass white girl and I want to be her. She’s incredible.


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Taylor Swift Covers Vogue And Talks Luuurve


There’s good old Tay Tay channeling her best Sia impression with some Gaga esque heels. No wonder she is seated on a stool. Get this guys, her relationship with Calvin Harris is MAGICAL. Magical. She’s an adult, y’all.

“I’m just taking things as they come,” Swift, 26, told Vogue. “I’m in a magical relationship right now. And of course I want it to be ours, and low-key … this is the one thing that’s been mine about my personal life.”

She looks so different. Not in a bad way, just different..more grown up? Which makes sense since she is 26 at this point.



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Kelly and her husband welcomed baby boy Brandon Blackstock on Tuesday, joing his older sister River. How adorbs. Kelly tweeted:

Our little baby boy has arrived!! Remington Alexander Blackstock was born 4/12/16 & he is healthy & we couldn’t be happier or more in love!

It’s always good news in my book when babies are born healthy and happy. Babies are awesome, don’t judge me.


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Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Non Stop About Her Divorce


Like, we get it lady. Conscious Uncoupling. We’ve been hearing this for, what feels like, a decade.

“It’s like we are still a family, but not a couple,” the Oscar-winning actress told the magazine, according to the Mirror. “I think we are better as friends than we were [married]. We are very close and supportive of one another.”

“It hasn’t always been easy for us because you have good days and bad days as you do in life with anything,” she continued. “But I feel lucky because Chris has been willing to push himself for the sake of the kids and help me co-create this new family.”

I know, I’m salty, this could be way worse and of course this is a great way to handle shit if you’ve got kids and everything. I get it! It’s awesome. But good lord, shuttup about it. Has she even been in any movies in the last year? She’s just peddling GOOP these days and yet she’s on the cover of Marie Claire Australia chatting it up about divorcing the singer from Coldplay. UGH, Coldplay.


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Alexander Skarsgard Skipped Wearing Pants For MTV



One thing is for sure, Skarsgard knows what the people want. Which is no pants, apparently.

In case you’re old, like me, you may have missed the MTV Movie Awards that aired last night ( I was busy watching Madam Secretary and Fear the Walking Dead like a self respecting old lady) and Skarsgard presented some award with Samuel L. Jackson. As you can see from the photo, Jackson is a wee bit flummoxed by the missing pants. ASkars looks super happy with his decision.

“You’re not wearing any pants,” co-presenter and Tarzan costar Samuel L. Jackson said while stating the obvious.

“Nope, no pants,” Skarsgard replied, his gams flapping in the wind.

“Why?” Jackson inquired, even if we’re not quite sure he wanted to know the answer.

“Me Tarzan,” Skarsgard said knowingly. “Gotta give the fans a little skin.”

Ah yes, promotions! He’s promoting his new ‘Tarzan’ flick which he stars in with Margot Robbie. Yep, they’re doin’ Tarzan again.

“I was going to go shirtless, but then someone told me Zac Efron did that two years ago here,” he explained.

“It was a historic moment,” Jackson offered.

Skarsgard said he instead chose to shed his pants because “it’s just as sexy, but a little bit classier and – dare I say – more sophisticated. No offense, Mr. Efron.”

Jackson seemingly pretended to agree with him.

“You definitely do look classy and sophisticated,” he said, clearing his throat for emphasis.


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CBS Is Bringing The Jon Benet Ramsey Story Back To Television


Coming this fall, just in time for the 20th anniversary of her murder. Should be a fun, uplifting, program. She’ll only be the focus of the first season, as they’re planning to make it an anthology series, a different crime each season.

Emmy winner Tom Forman (48 Hours, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition) and Critical Content are onboard to produce the series. While the subject will change every season, Forman and Critical Content will remain as producers. A title and episode count have not yet been determined, though sources say it will be a limited run similar to Netflix’s 10-episode phenomenon Making a Murderer. CBS and Forman’s camp declined comment.

The untitled project will reunite the original investigators in the Ramsey case as well as new experts who all re-examine the unsolved case from 20 years ago.

Considering this murder was never solved and is still one of the WEIRDEST and biggest fails in police history, should be an interesting watch. Will this be like ‘Serial’ and open up new possibilities, suspects, and answers? I hope so.


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Blac Chyna and Rob Kartrashian Are My Favorite


I have a little rule for myself on this here page, and that rule is to not write about Kartrashians. Considering Rob, the brother who mostly hides from everyone, has distanced himself as much as possible, I’m making an exception. Especially with his wonderfully delicious engagement to his sister’s boyfriend’s baby momma. It’s the best thing in the world. And now they’re on track to get mad money with a wedding special.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are in position to follow in Kim’s footsteps and cash in with a TV wedding special worth millions, but Rob’s gonna have to go against the family to get paid.

Several big-time TV producers tell us pitchmen are putting together offers for Rob and Chyna. We’re told the most lucrative path would be an episodic docusoap leading up to the big day. They’re looking at $150k-$200k each per episode, plus another $500k each for the finale.

In addition, we’re told wedding vendors hawking flowers, cakes, dresses and all that crap would also fork over big dough for integration deals, but Rob’s got a big mama problem.

Kris Jenner has the family, including Rob, under a blanket deal that gives E! first crack at anything Kardashian. Kris has made it clear she’s not a fan of “Blac Rob” … so it’s doubtful she’d be down with the project. 

Oh please let this happen. I want it so much. Kim is fuming in a closet full of shoes and over priced ripped up clothes (ahem, Kanye) somewhere.


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