Sean Penn Is Suing ‘Empire’ Creator Lee Daniels


This.. this is gold. Lee Daniels created the smash hit ‘Empire’ which holds Terrence Howards as one of the stars. Howard has a bit of a history of being a little more than unhinged. He’s got a record with assault and domestic violence, and has served time. But for some reason Lee Daniels took it upon himself to defend Howard to the press in a really stupid way.

Daniels, 55, defended his star actor, Howard, 46, and his recent legal woes in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “[Terrence] ain’t done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he’s some f—in’ demon,” the smash series’ head told THR. “That’s a sign of the time, of race, of where we are right now in America.”

Ugh. How about what I think? I think they’re all terrible! Anyway, Penn got his hackles up about this comment and responded with a 10 page legal document suing Lee Daniels for 10 million buckaroos.

“As a result of Penn’s status as a public figure, he has for years been the subject of scandalous, scurrilous, and baseless attacks,” the document obtained by The Hollywood Reporter states. “But Penn, like any citizen, has a right to defend himself and will no longer tolerate the reckless and malicious behavior of others, who seek to aggrandize themselves or their projects at his expense. Accordingly, and because of Daniels’ defamatory statements, Penn brings this action for monetary relief, and to deter Daniels and others from their defamatory actions.”

The legal complaint also cites Howard’s admission to physically abusing women or treating them with violence. “Daniels has falsely asserted and/or implied that Penn is guilty of ongoing, continuous violence against women,” it reads.

That’s just a taste of the 10 page insanity that basically equates to: SEAN PENN ANGRY. YOU HURT SEAN PENN’S FEELINGS. Now give me 10 million dollars.


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Kanye Sent Taylor A Square Of Flowers

Like, I’m not kidding. It’s a square of flowers.


And you know that square of flowers probably cost a small fortune. Enough to feed and house a small country.

“Awwww Kanye sent me the coolest flowers!! #KanTay2020 #BFFs,” she captioned the snap of herself standing next to the huge floral arrangement. Just Sunday night at the VMAs, Swift presented the 38-year-old rapper with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, officially putting an end to any remaining conflict between them after he infamously interrupted her acceptance speech at the 2009 ceremony.

Kanye likes sending people flowers in square shapes. Like his wife, Kim, for Mothers Day in 2014. He sent her a wall of flowers. An entire wall. Lives of the rich and famous, amirite?


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Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine Are Engaged


You may remember Liberty Ross as the wife of the man (Rupert Sanders) KStew cheated on Rpattz with. Those were the days! That was the biggest scandal in forever, it was crazy and depressing. Because there was a marriage and children involved. No bueno. But now, all parties (except maybe Rupert Sanders?) have happily moved on. Kristen’s with Alicia Cargile. Robert Pattinson is reportedly engaged to FKA twigs. And now Liberty is engaged. Happiness all around.

He put a ring on it! Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine are engaged, a rep for the couple exclusively confirms to Us Weekly.

Us broke the news in in February 2013 that the British model, 36, and the music executive AGE had been “spending time together.” That same month, she told the Associated Press that she was “listening to her heart.”

That’s nice. He was kinda obnoxious on American Idol, but hopefully he’s less obnoxious in real life. Mazel!

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Harry Connick Jr’s Teen Daughter, Georgia, Charged With Providing Other Teens With Booze


Celebs. They’re just like us! Harry’s daughter had the house to herself while her mom and dad were away, so she threw a party as one would. And then the cops showed up and kids went running like lemmings into the woods. Unfortunately, Georgia, is 19. Not a minor anymore. So, she was arrested.

Georgia hosted a party at the home while her parents (dad Connick Jr. and mom, former Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre) were away this weekend, New Canaan police told NBC News on Aug. 18. She was charged with procuring alcohol for minors and permitting minors to possess alcohol, according to WTNH News 8.

Police were called to the home shortly after 1 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 15, after it was reported that there was underage drinking taking place on the property. When the cops arrived on the scene, throngs of youngsters were allegedly running from the home and attempting to escape through the woods surrounding the property.

Georgia told police that it was initially supposed to be a small get together that, typically, grew out of proportion. According to police, the parents of about 15 kids — who were ages 18 to 20 — were called following the incident.

Yikes. She’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do. Or not really, it’s pretty self explanatory.


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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Are Dunzo


Says SOURCES. 11 years together is like a lifetime in Hollyweird. The two have 2 children together and have been married for 5 of those 11 years. Such a shame.

Their romance has recently been plagued with issues. Though sources remain vague on the exact cause of their split, “things have been rocky,” says one source close to the parents of sons Noah, 2, and Bodhi, 18 months. (Green, 42, also has son Kassius, 13, from a previous relationship.) The pair were last photographed together grabbing lunch in Beverly Hills on June 9.

Their reps could not be reached for comment.

They seemed so cute and nice together. Sigh.


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Alexander Skarsgard Showed Up In Drag To His Film’s Premiere


What the what? Alexander was the premiere for his new flick ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl’ in San Francisco and decided to attend in drag. Why? I don’t know. Maybe he doesn’t either.

The coming-of-age film – based on Phoebe Gloeckner’s 2002 novel – focuses on Powley’s Minnie Goetze, who loses her virginity to her mother’s boyfriend, Monroe (Skarsgård). Now officially an “adult,” the act launches the San Francisco teen into a sexual evolution as she begins to obsess over sex and men. But, of course, her mother (Kristen Wiig) is there to offer up some advice along the way.

“I’ve never cared about a project this much in my whole life,” Heller told EW. “I am telling this story from this girl’s point of view, and she doesn’t feel like she’s being taken advantage of, so we, as an audience, can’t feel like she’s being taken advantage of either.”

The movie sounds intriguing. I just wanna know why he’s in drag.


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HOLY CRAP: Gwen Stefani Filed For Divorce From Gavin Rossdale


What is happening today!! It’s only Monday and already love has died! I’m not even kidding, my teenage self (and adult self, lets get real) is seriously sad about this. They are like the rock star couple of forever. With their cute little kiddos, and awesome fashion sense, and Gwen never ages… I just am sad about this one, guys.

Gwen Stefani has filed for divorce from her husband Gavin Rossdale, TMZ has learned.

Gwen cites irreconcilable differences in her divorce petition, which seeks to end their 13-year-marriage.

Gwen, who’s repped by attorney Scott Weston, is asking for joint custody of the couple’s 3 kids — 9-year-old Kingston, 6-year-old Zuma and 1-year-old Apollo.

Gavin, who’s repped by disso-queen Laura Wasser, filed his response at the same time, and he’s also asking for joint custody. It’s clear the petition and response were orchestrated to be filed simultaneously.

Sources tell TMZ there is no prenup, so the 50/50 California community property laws kick in. 45-year-old Gwen is worth a reported $80 million, and 49-year-old Gavin’s worth an estimated $35 million. Given the length of the marriage, that will probably all go into one pot before it’s divided.

Gwen checked the box on the form to deny Gavin spousal support.  

Pretty cut and dried there. Organization happenin’ here. Sad stuff. Maybe there is still time for some sort of reconciliation? I will hold out hope for us all!


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Demi Lovato Covers Cosmo and Talks Wilmer Valderrama

Dang girl.


There isn’t much dress there, but she looks fab anyway.

Anywho.. inside the mag, she talks about her relapsing and her relationship with Wilmer Valderrama which began when she was 18 and he was 30. (uh.. ew).

“The only times we ever broke up were when I was relapsing, whether it was drugs or in a bad place and rebelling against everybody, not just him,” Lovato recalled in her cover story. “People say that relapses happen before you use. Your mind starts setting up the relapse before you take that drink or that first hit. The times we’d broken up, I had already gone to that place of, ‘Yeah, this is what’s happening.’ I didn’t realize it at the time, but I just wanted to sabotage everything around me so that I could sabotage myself.”

“We started dating when I turned 18… Right after that, I went to rehab,” she continued. “People told him, ‘You should probably leave. She’s on a spiral, and you’re going to be sucked down with it.’ But he was like, ‘I’m not leaving. This is somebody I really care about.’ We relate on a lot of levels. I’ve seen a lot of s—t. S—t people don’t know about. He’s seen a lot of stuff too.”

And Demi, now 22 and Wilmer are still together and pretty adorable.




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Britney Spears’ Conservatorship Could Last Forever


You may recall a few years back our dear Britney went a little bit off the rails.  Soon followed by her father taking the reins, legally speaking, and becoming conservatorship of her person and her finances. This happened back in 2008. Things have obviously been going pretty smoothly since then. Brit seems happy and healthy, headlining her Vegas show ‘Piece of Me’ and raising her adorable boys. Because of this, her conservatorship may never end. If it’s not broke, why fix it?

Britney — who at her worst was on the verge of losing permanent custody of her kids — is now by any standard a great parent. Jamie and Britney’s doctors have stabilized her to the point she can successfully work and maintain a personal life.

As for the financial conservatorship, it has been a huge success. Last year alone the conservatorship raked in $14 million, and that’s only a portion of Britney’s financial machine. As one source said, before the conservatorship her finances were an absolute mess, and the ship has been fully righted.

We’re told Britney — who has a team of lawyers and doctors, along with Jamie, managing the conservatorship — has “substantial day-to-day freedom” to make her own decisions.

It sounds terrifying to have someone be on control of everything in your life, but for her it seems to working.


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Clay Aiken Thinks Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be Discounted For President


It is infinitely disturbing to me that Donald Trump is being considered a serious contender  for President of the United States of America. This guy is a buffoon, people! Wake up! This is terrifying! I am quaking in my flip flops.

“Anybody who discounts him is shortsighted,” says Aiken of Trump’s run. “I don’t think anybody should discount him. Nobody thought that we would see him in the position he is in right now. He is certainly the front-runner with no signs of that fading.”

“I think he has a really great opportunity even if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination to do something I think the country has needed for a long time, which is to try to break this stranglehold of the two-party system,” says Aiken. “I kind of hope he decides to stick with it and maybe give people another option outside of the Republicans and Democrats.”

Nooo… Clay, Clay, Clay. Stop this nonsense right now. Donald Trump is a crazy racist bigot. Let’s get off this train, right now. Also, why are we listening to you in the first place?? You’re one of those unicorns, a homosexual conservative.. how does that even happen!?


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