Rob Pattinson Has Possibly Moved On To Riley Keough, Kristen’s Like, Whatever


And she is one of KStews friends!! Party Foul Rob. Anyway, apparently he was spotted driving around in his pick up truck with Riley who used to be with Alex Pettyfer (I thought they still were together but I guess not) and now the rumors are growing that the two may be an item! Kristen on the other hand is looking like ‘Rob Who?’ in Paris at fashion week. Also- Rob was spotted at a Beyonce concert wearing a ‘retro’ MTV letter jacket thing. I say ‘retro’ because I remember when MTV still played videos, so I kind of don’t want to think of it as retro because then…old.

Also…Beyonce, Rob? That seems slightly out of character, but whatever. No one can resist the power of Queen Bey.

PS. Who else thinks Kristen Stewart needs to move on with someone like…Charlie Hunnam? (Sons of Anarchy and Pacific Rim) They would be HOT together. And he doesn’t have tea pouring hands. Sorry, Rob.


US Weekly


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