Jennifer Aniston Was Once Forced To Eat a Big Mac


Oh, the HORROR. Apparently this is newsworthy, y’all. Jennifer Aniston- known (like Gwyneth!) for eating all things organic and healthy (and boring.. just saying) revealed in New York magazine that she was once forced to ingest a McDonalds Big Mac.

Describing the horrifying experience, Jennifer said that she and her fiancé Justin Theroux once found themselves in a situation where they had no other choice but to grab some fast food.

“I’ll never forget when Justin and I were on a road trip and we were so hungry,” the Friends star said.

“The only thing around was McDonald’s. I think I ordered a Big Mac. Wow, my body did not react well to that! It was like putting gasoline in a purified system.”

You couldn’t have ordered… I don’t know.. a salad? A thing of fries?? They have a pretty large menu- granted not very organic or anything- but you didn’t HAVE to order the Big Mac, Jennifer. Whatever, she is just denying her body the truly delicious delectable treat of the Big Mac. It’s an acquired taste that apparently her palette cannot handle.



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2 Responses to Jennifer Aniston Was Once Forced To Eat a Big Mac

  1. mark henderson says:

    Wow! For the rest of us commoners, if this could be the worst thing we had to endure. Life at the top truly is an isolated thing….THE Horror!!!

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