Amanda Bynes Goes To Court With New Blue Wig


(Ed.Note Haven’t written much lately because some pretty tragic shit has happened in my family, and we’re all dealing as best we can. Still not really feeling like being snarky, but I gotta do something..)

I know if I were headed to a court date dealing with charges of marijuana possession and tampering with evidence I would totally wear a blue wig and sweatpants. I guess at least she washed her wig? That’s a step in the right direction I guess.

Yesterday she trended on twitter for calling our president and his wife ugly. I just… don’t know what is going on with this person and I am truly beginning to wonder why we collectively give a shit?



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Stay at home mom of two, obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture and gossip. Have been described as the "Master of Useless Information". I don't own any of these photos and I present anything as FACT.
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