Robin Thicke Responds to ‘Blurred Lines’ Criticism


Full disclosure: I am obsessed with this song. It is my jam (along with many of you, probably) and I love to blast it and dance around like an idiot when the opportunity presents itself. I didn’t even think about it really being degrading until everyone started calling it ‘rapey’. I’ve listened to the lyrics, and I still don’t think it’s rapey. But there are a lot of people who are deeply offended.

“Both the lyrics and the video seem to objectify and degrade women, using misogynistic language and imagery that many people would find not only distasteful or offensive but also really quite old fashioned,” Katie Russell, a spokeswoman for Rape Crisis, told British paper The Independent.

“More disturbingly, certain lyrics are explicitly sexually violent and appear to reinforce victim-blaming rape myths, for example about women giving ‘mixed signals’ through their dress or behavior, saying ‘no’ when they really mean ‘yes’ and so on,” she continued.

In the music video for “Blurred Lines,” Thicke — joined by T.I. and Pharrell Williams — dances around the set with three half-naked women as he sings about trying to “domesticate” them.

So, Robin has responded.

“My initial response was I love the clothed version, I don’t think we should put out the naked version,” he told BBC’s Radio 1. “And then I showed it to my wife and all of her girlfriends and they said, ‘You have to put this out, this is so sexy and so cool.'”

The singer further explained that the meaning behind the song is about “blurring the lines between men and women and how much we’re the same.”

“And the other side which is the blurred lines between a good girl and a bad girl, and even very good girls all have little bad sides to them,” he added.

The tune is especially catchy and tongue-in-cheek because, the 36-year-old singer explained in a recent interview with GQ magazine, all three singers are “happily married with children.”

“We were like, ‘We’re the perfect guys to make fun of this,'” he told the magazine. “People say, ‘Hey, do you think this is degrading to women?’ I’m like, ‘Of course it is. What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women.”

I really still don’t see how this is any more degrading than 95% of rap songs out there. He thinks a girl is hot, so he’s trying to convince her to get it on. He’s not forcing anything. I just don’t get all the rage about this song. And I’m gonna continue to listen to it without shame, dammit. The thing I still can’t get over is he is a related to Mr. Seaver. Whoa.

US Weekly


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