What The Heck, Bachelorette?! What WAS That?!


Okay, yes, I’m still watching this hot mess (and I always will) and we entered last night’s episode with 3 suitors, and then SPOILERS!!!

What in the hell, ABC? I tune into this stupid show every week for a little frivolity. A little time to forget about troubles or sad stuff and worry about some shirtless dudes and if Drew is gonna kiss Des against a wall again and then you lay this shit on me? POOR DES.

Brooks. My good hair good teeth guy since day one. He went and broke Des’s heart. He’s not in love with her. So we had to watch around 40 minutes of a brutal breakup (even though in real life 9 weeks is hardly enough to deserve this many tears) and the demise of the couple I thought would make it out of this alive. So, after all that- I have to ask. What the hell is going to happen next week?  We’re left with Drew, who admittedly I wouldn’t throw out of bed (if I wasn’t married!! Love you! heehee..er…) and Chris who writes POETRY. So, good luck Des. This ride isn’t yet over (even though last night, you said it kinda was). I’ll leave you with their last moments together (after which, I was yelling at the TV: GO TO HER, GO TO HER YOU FOOL!)

“You want to know why I was conflicted throughout this whole thing?” she says through more tears. “Because I didn’t want to share my heart. I wanted to give it to you.”

That shuts him up pretty quickly, and after a few awkward hugs, they say goodbye and go their separate ways. Des returns to the dock to cry in peace, while Brooks paces in circles amid some trees, sobbing about having to leave things with Des in such a terrible place. “Worst day of my life!” he chokes out. “It was way worse than I thought it was gonna be.”

Des is similarly shattered. “It throws everything off, having Brooks gone,” she cries. “It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart knowing that I have two amazing, unreal guys who do love me. I just can’t love them as much…And that’s not what they deserve. Honestly, for me, it’s over.”


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Stay at home mom of two, obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture and gossip. Have been described as the "Master of Useless Information". I don't own any of these photos and I present anything as FACT.
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One Response to What The Heck, Bachelorette?! What WAS That?!

  1. allofmywords says:

    CORRECTION : “Poetry” – He rambled on for a paragraph with awkward pauses. I’m a writer, I would know.

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