The Bachelorette Finale Shocked Everyone


Including me. That was a weird and awkward 2 hours, wasn’t it? The way things left off last week, I was really not knowing what to expect (I don’t read spoilers online because I like not knowing what’s going to happen). And things got WEIRD right off the bat. Des was still sad about Brooks breaking her heart. She wanted to go home, she told Chris Harrison… and then moments later she agreed to continue on. Although her face was admittedly unenthusiastic.

So they had a painfully weird rose ceremony, where both Chris and Drew (the only 2 remaining) got a rose while Des cried. Lovely.

Then it was time for the final dates before she took the dudes to meet her family. Immediately on her date with Drew it was written all over Des’s face. ‘NOPE’. So, they rode their horses down to a beach where unsuspecting Drew toasted being madly in love and other mushy things as Des looked super uncomfortable. She then cried (weird!) and sent him packing.

Then came the date with poetry Chris. Talk about someone literally convincing herself that she is in love. That was PAINFUL. But Chris looked happy and she decided to take him to meet the family.

Her dad gave Chris permission to ask his daughter for her hand (how archaic) and her brother was all like ‘Hey…Chris is cool…but what about your undying love for Brooks like 3 days ago?’ and she’s just like ‘I LOVE HIM. YEAH.’ The look on her face was screaming ‘SHUDDUP.’ Fast forward!

Final rose ceremony. Chris is mushy and lovey and it’s actually quite romantic even for a blackened heart like mine, and just as he is about to go down on his knee she stops him. He looks crestfallen. She explains she was in love with Brooks. She thought he was endgame. But then, she realized when he left he had clouded her vision to what was right in front of her this whole time (Chris!) and she was in love with him. Cue kissing and hugging, and he proposes and she says (get this) ‘YES! A thousand times YES!’ What movie is that from?!

Happiness abounds… until After the Final Rose… and they bring out Des and shortly after they bring out BROOKS who has not seen her since that fateful day on the deck of sadness. He is actually super classy and sweet and is glad she is happy. And all you guys who read the spoilers online were probably more surprised than anyone since the spoilers were entirely wrong. CRAZY! And now we have a new bachelor to look forward too…. Juan Pablo! Here we go again!


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