Adrienne Bailon (WHO?) Says Britney Spears Can’t Hold a Conversation


Okay, we all know when the queen of pop, Brit Brit, was a judge on X Factor that things were definitely amiss. We all heard the rumors of her being fed what to say through an ear piece. And no, she doesn’t seem like she’s engage me in a conversation on something like, physics. My question is, who the hell is this chick and why does she think she can call out the frigging Queen!

Apparently this chick is on this new show ‘The Real’ which is like a chewed up and spit out ‘View’ I guess? And so talk somehow got around to Britney because don’t all conversations eventually get there?

“I’ve had to work with her on X Factor,” Bailon explained. The singer served as a co-host for Pepsi’s pre-show web series. “I would sit and do my interview with Demi [Lovato], I would do the behind-the-scenes stuff. [Britney] can’t hold a conversation! Like, they have someone that feeds her what she’s supposed to say. She can’t hold a conversation.

As the audience gasped and clapped, fellow co-host Tamar Braxton chimed in to defend Spears’ very public meltdown.

“I hear that behind the scenes, she’s trying to get things back together,” the reality star said. “They have a dry tour [where] you can’t drink, you can’t smoke … and I think that’s appropriate, trying to stay clean and stay on the right track, and that’s kind of cool.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley agreed, noting that it was commendable that Spears was trying to get her life back on track. Comedienne Loni Love had a little less sympathy, however.

“Miss Britney Spears took a dude that was already with a girl that had babies,” she pointed out, referring to Spears’ ex Kevin Federline, who ditched his girlfriend Shar Jackson to be with the pop star (the pair had two kids together at the time). “And sometimes when you do that kind of stuff and take a dude, that’s called karma.”

What EVER Loni Love who ever the eff you are. She didn’t TAKE him, he LEFT his girl and their babies. It takes 2 to tango. I think these bitches just wanted a headline. And look, they’ve gotten it. I’m still not going to watch it despite the presence of the Mowry twin. Sorry. Not sorry.

US Weekly


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