Glee Cast Having a Rough Time Following Cory Monteith’s Passing


This isn’t surprising. It hasn’t been but a month and the cast of Glee have already gotten back to work on the upcoming season of the FOX show. Harry Shum Jr. was at the Invisible Children Founders Circle Party and had a few words about how everyone is trying to cope.

“We’ve all been leaning on each other. It’s been a rough patch and a rough time,” Harry Shum Jr. told PEOPLE at Saturday’s Invisible Children Founders Circle Party in Los Angeles. “I don’t know when that will ever end, that rough patch of losing a friend like that. It’s so unexpected, but we’re all leaning on each other.”
Shortly after Monteith’s passing, Shum posted a collage of photos on Instagram, paying tribute to his late costar. He captioned it, “This is how I remember him. Kind hearted. Incredibly funny. Extremely passionate.”
“You look through old photos, if you lose anybody, you look at old photos and something comes up with those memories, and I wanted people to know – and I think they already knew – that Cory was just a great guy, an overall great person,” he said. “Caring, loving, talented.”

And as for how Lea Michele is doing with the great loss..

“Of course she’s heartbroken, everyone is. But I think it’s great that everyone is back at work and at least following through, and hopefully we can at least just get through this rough patch.” People

Glee’s Jane Lynch also detailed how she has been dealing with it.

“We had a nice memorial,” she said. “The cast and the crew, we all got together and we remembered Cory and honored [him]. We went back to the work and the wheels turn in spite of what happened and I’m just glad we had that memorial so we were able to come together and be a family.”

“Everybody’s doing differently,” she shared. “You know, it’s tough. Everybody had a relationship with him and we all express our grief in different ways so I’ll only speak for myself.

“I love him and I honor [him], and every day I go to work, I walk by his trailer and I go,’He should be in there,'” she continued. US Weekly



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