Lindsay Lohan Came ‘Clean’ With Oprah


I didn’t watch it yet, because I was busy with True Blood and Dexter and British comedies, but I will be watching this tonight for sure. Lindsay sat down with Oprah fresh out of rehab and talked about her addictions and kept lying to us some more. Sorry, I’m not sorry, there is no way this girl only did coke 10 times.

“I feel really good. It’s strange being confined for three months straight and then try to acclimate into real life,” the 27-year-old actress began about her return. Lohan was sent to rehab after her March 2013 no-contest plea to reckless driving and lying to police, but revealed it felt more like a true surrender compared to previous punishments.

“Having all the chaos around me that I was so comfortable with — I somehow inside of me knew I wanted to go in jail,” she said on her 90-day stay. “I think that was subconsciously going on in my head through my actions…just to have some peace,” she tearfully admitted. “I came into it just really craving more spirituality, really open and ready to get really honest.”

But that choice took “a period of time” to realize, she said –three years after spending two weeks in jail in for failing to attend her court-ordered weekly alcohol education classes. Lohan called that jail sentence terrifying. “Just seeing my mom and sister’s face in that courtroom and my dad was just heartbreaking. It was horrible. I just remember this rush of heat coming over me and just not knowing what to expect,” she said of hearing the judge’s decision. “I don’t think the embarrassment was as prominent as the shame and the guilt.”

Lohan’s downward spiral began when she moved to Los Angeles in her late teens on the heels of her 2004 Mean Girls success. Falling in with the wrong crowd, she developed her drug of choice — alcohol. “That was a gateway for me for other things. I tried cocaine with alcohol,” she said. Lohan admitted she snorted cocaine 10-15 times in her lifetime, but only did it in order to drink more, she claimed.

So now that she has ‘come clean’ and talked about how she’s feeling great, I want to see proof. She’s set to appear on ‘Eastbound and Down’s final season, and also the ‘reality’ program produced by Oprah.. so who knows what will happen. I just want her to consider wearing a bra someday.

US Weekly


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