Poor Gwyneth And Her Steamed Vegetables


Gwyneth and her husband (doucher Chris Martin) and two cute kids were having dinner out the other night at Serafina East Hampton. Sounds expensive. Anyway, while her hubs and kiddos ate pizza and pasta and ice cream and other delicious things, Gwyneth sat lonely with her steamed carrots and kale.

“Gwyneth didn’t touch the carbs,” the source notes. “She only ate the steamed vegetables. So everyone else had a pizza and pasta feast while she ate her vegetables and drank sparkling water.”

Her family, meanwhile, had no qualms about loading up. After digging into plates of spaghetti and pizza margherita, they sampled several of the restaurant’s desserts, including chocolate souffle, apple pie, and ice cream.

“They seemed really happy, lots of smiles,” the source tells Us of the group

None of this is surprising to me. How else would she look like how she looks?? That is not a body made from carbs and desserts. I mean, she says she has the ass of a 22 year old stripper…

GwynethPaltrows ass

US Weekly


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