Shailene Woodley Makes Her Own Medicines, Gathers Water From The Mountains

Well. Ok.


Shailene’s in the latest issue of Flaunt magazine, looking hot, promoting ‘The Spectacular Now’ I’m assuming, and talks about her alternative lifestyle. Which includes twigs and berries and sunshine.

‘I think everything about my lifestyle is fairly alternative,’ she tells the new issue of Flaunt. ‘I gather my own spring water from mountains every month. I go to a farm to get my food. I make everything from my own toothpaste to my own body lotions and face oils.’

And that’s not all, says the 21-year-old, who admits she ‘could go on for hours’ about the topic.

‘I make my own medicines; I don’t get those from doctors,’ Shailene adds. ‘I make my own cheese and forage wild foods and identify wild plants. It’s an entire lifestyle. It’s appealing to my soul.’

Alrighty. Whatever, I don’t even know what to say. To each their own, I guess. I’m just not down with making my own medicine.  Anyway. She goes on to talk about how she gets ready for her roles, and how she feels when they’re done.

‘I’m not one of those actors who feels like they need to get in character, to do any sort of method acting situations,’ the former child star explains. ‘For me it’s all about learning my lines, showing up on time, and professionally listening to what others are saying, and then authentically and truthfully reacting off of their expressions.’

She adds: ‘So, it’s easy to drop roles, because I don’t feel like I acquire them to begin with.’

So she isn’t doing this for the ‘craft’. Got it. She’s starring in ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ (filming now) and ‘Divergent’ soon because apparently she’s the only young actress anyone is hiring at the moment.




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