About That Dexter Finale…



What…what WAS that? That was the weirdest series finale I have EVER seen and I have seen both Lost and the Sopranos.

Deb. Deb… Deb. I’m still upset about this. She was shot, of course, by the Brain Surgeon but at first things look like they might be okay! She’s talking in the ambulance, Quinn is with her.. Things are looking up. Dex still plans to leave the country with Harrison and Hannah… and then. Deb goes into surgery and does not wake up and is put on life support. Everyone is devastated. (including me).

Then things got weird. Dex sends Hannah and Harrison off without him, kills the Brain Surgeon in prison and fakes his own death-after taking Deb’s corpse with him on the Slice of Life for a burial at sea- and becomes a LUMBERJACK.

Just.. WHAT? 

I know that there is no way to end a show in a way that will make everyone happy and satisfied, but this was just weird. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. I guess Dex felt like he only hurts those he loves, so he didn’t deserve happiness, hence the solitude of lumberjacking? But, how could he be totally cool with Hannah having his kid somewhere across the world never to be heard from again? I’m happy for Hannah of course.. but I am a bit disappointed. What did you think? Or did you stop watching after Season 4 like everyone else?

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