Larry Hagman’s Son Didn’t Like the Emmy’s In Memoriam Presentation

larry hagman

And I cannot say that I disagree. In case you didn’t watch Sunday night, in a bit of a change up they had the regular ‘In Memoriam’ piece (which I call tastelessly the Dead People Montage) and on top of that they selected 5 TV celebrities to honor with a personal eulogy of sorts given by someone who knew the passed actor. Like, for James Gandolfini they had Edie Falco give a touching tribute that made me tear up. Robin Williams did one for Jonathan Winters. And then Jane Lynch did one for Cory Monteith. So… as you can imagine the family members of the actors who were left to the montage are a little bit pissed off. Rightfully so.

“I think three seconds was short,” the younger Hagman said, referring to the amount of time his father’s picture was shown onscreen. “I think all of them were short. If you are going to honor [the In Memoriam recipients], honor them with the respect and dignity that they portrayed. Do it for everyone.”

He continued: “These are very talented people. The actors that they’re honoring have done so much for the industry…If you’re going to respect and recognize them, then do it correctly.”

Hagman clarified that he wasn’t mad about the tributes — just disappointed in them. “How I felt last night watching [the Emmys] was not anger, it was disappointment. Again, I think my dad was a trailblazer in the industry to set the stage for other actors,” he explained. “So it’s not anger, it’s definitely disappointment for what he contributed to the profession.”

Yeah, you shouldn’t just pick out a few for tributes. If you’re going to do some, you should do them all . Especially for people like Larry Hagman and Jack Klugman who were on our television sets for YEARS. Not to make light of the tragedy of Cory Monteith’s death, but a lot of people who had never watched Glee didn’t even know who he was. It was just.. weird.

US Weekly


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