Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough Are Dating?!?!

I am a bit sad at this. I… I don’t know what to say.


She is supposed to be with Ian. Sad faces.

So apparently these two are a thing. It kind of makes sense considering she and Ian recently called it quits after 3 years, and she is best friends with Derek’s sister Julianne Hough. So, I guess it was bound to happen.

“[Nina] was hanging a lot with Derek’s sister Julianne,” a source tells Us. “Then she fell for him.”

“Derek is smitten with Nina,” the source says. “He said he hasn’t felt this way for a girl in a long time. …Everyone approves!”

Let’s be real for a second. I totally thought Derek was gay. Nothing wrong with that obviously. But, I guess he’s not.. since.. yeah. Ah well.

US Weekly


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