Gretchen Weiners Is On Maxim!!


Whoa. Oh… HAH! I love that directly beneath her there is a title that says ‘How To Make a 9 Layer Turducken’…HAH! Wow. That is hilarious to me.

Anyway. What is ole Lacey Chabert up to these days? Not much other than being asked about Lindsey Lohan and posing her underwear apparently.

“Look, life is tough, and growing up in this business is especially tough,” she says. As for how she managed to avoid some of the common pitfalls that have threatened to sink other starlets, including her Mean Girls costar Lindsay Lohan? “I really can’t take any credit other than saying I grew up in a really protective family,” she tells Maxim.

“Also, I want a long-lasting career,” she says, “so you’re not gonna find me doing anything scandalous anytime soon.”

That said, Chabert does know how to have a good time. “I’m a nice girl next door, but I love a good weekend in Vegas,” she confesses. “Blackjack, roulette, four-card poker, slots…all of it.”

The actress also opens up to Maxim about some of her past roles. Though she says she’s not a real-life “mean girl” — “Life is too short,” she insists — she has fond memories of playing one onscreen. And she loves that people all over (even in the White House) still reference her character’s signature slang word.

“People tweet me all the time, ‘Are you still trying to make fetch happen?'” she jokes. “I never thought people would still be quoting Mean Girls 10 years later.”

So there ya have it. I think it’s cute that she is trying to have a long term career. Aww. That is going to be hard when you’re only referred to work you did 10 years ago.

US Weekly


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