Gwyneth Paltrow Take Down Piece Coming To Vanity Fair


There have been rumors about this for months. It started with Gwyneth emailing her celeb friends telling them to have no part with Vanity Fair and this piece that was being planned on her. She wanted nothing to do with it. Obviously, some didn’t listen, because Jay Z is on the November cover and his wife happens to be besties with Gwyneth. And now the editor in chief says it’s coming and it’s going to be big. (omg I cannot wait).

“We started a story on her,” he told The Times of London in an interview published this weekend. “We have a very good writer and it’ll run.”

In fact, Carter says, Paltrow’s tantrum has made him even more determined to publish the piece. He explained, “Well, she sort of forced my hand.”

Despite its cushy reputation, Vanity Fair does not grant celebrities pre-publication approval of photos or text, Carter claims, explaining that publicists are “all p***ed off at us, but I can live with that.”

And if Paltrow, who recently moved back to L.A. from England, expects any differently, Carter says, she’s got a rude awakening coming to her.

“She’ll find Los Angeles very different and very difficult,” he says. “Some famous people believe that they live in a cone of celebrity that protects them … But it doesn’t really exist any more in L.A. unless they stay in.”

Can you believe it? I can’t even imagine what they have on her that it’s becoming such a big deal. What could it possibly be? I mean, we already know she’s pretty boring and self righteous. What else is there?!


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