Catching Fire Is Coming Soon… So They’re Promoting Hard


So US Weekly has a special edition all about Catching Fire, just like they did with the Hunger Games, so I’m definitely going to buy this one also because in my brain I am 12. Inside of course there are interviews with the flick’s main stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson. And as usual, they’re very forthcoming about the flick and it’s getting me excited for the release!

For those disappointed with the lack of romance in the first installment, fear not! Hutcherson, 21, who plays tribute Peeta Malark, tells Us, “The kissing scenes are really hot!”

“Peeta and Katniss’ relationship is not all good. But you get to see more of it — which I like a lot,” Hutcherson reveals. 

They also include a photo of Katniss’s capitol wedding gown.. and it’s SOMETHING ALRIGHT.


“I’d never want my bride to wear that dress,” Hutcherson told Us. “It’s so over the top! But for the Capitol, it’s perfect.”

To create the perfect look, Indonesia-based couturier Tex Saverio worked closely with the film’s costume designer Trish Summerville to give off the illusion of the “Girl on Fire.”

“We laser-cut the metal cage into a fire-like bodice and applied thousands of Swarovski crystals for an ethereal effect,” Saverio revealed. “It took two months to complete!”

Lawrence loved the dress, though it did pose some difficulties. The Oscar-winner required the help of seven people to help her get dressed and move around.

“It was 5 feet in circumference, and I’m not good at walking in giant dresses, as we all know!” she joked with Us. 

UGH I can’t wait to see that dress on a big screen. That is phenomenal. She’s amazing. Basically, I wanna be her. Jennifer Lawrence, not Katniss. I don’t want to be in the Hunger Games because I would totally be murdered within the first 10 minutes.


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