Heidi Montag Had Her Boobs Reduced From F’s to D’s

Heidi Montag

I knew she was going to regret getting gargantuan breasts. Those were much too large for her little body to be able to handle and not hurt all the time. She should never have gotten 80,000 surgeries done to herself to begin with. It’s sad.

Sometimes when I’m just sitting there, my breasts hurt so bad, I just wanna, like, rip them off,” she admitted to Entertainment Tonight’s Brooke Anderson.

Her breasts, which weigh about three pounds each, have caused her a number of serious health problems in the years since she got them. “I have a ruptured disc in my neck, the nerves are pinching my spine, and then I’m having severe back problems with my muscles on my right shoulder,” Montag explained. “And my spine is being pulled forward from the weight of my breasts.”

“I do regret getting the implants,” she confessed to ET. “I wasn’t warned by my doctor at all about back problems, about the repercussions. My new doctor was like, ‘You should never have been allowed by the doctor to get implants this big.’ I put my security and sexuality in my breast size instead of my confidence.”

Asked what she would tell other women considering larger breasts, Montag advised that people should “really think about it” and “really research it.”

“They look great, and they sound fun, but once you get them, you’ve done damage to your skin, to your back, your muscles,” she told ET. “Is that vanity worth harming yourself? For me, the answer is no.”

Having slightly smaller breasts, she added, is a weight off her shoulders — and back. “I feel really great,” she said after the procedure. “And I’m really relieved that that burden is literally lifted off my chest.”


I hope she feels better now that she got rid of the huge implants. Also…what does she even do now?

US Weekly


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