Sandra Bullock Is Entertainment Weekly’s Entertainer Of The Year

Rightfully so. I have yet to see ‘Gravity’ because I am a hermit who never leaves my house, but by all accounts it sounds fantastic. And who DOESN’T love Sandy Bullock?!


Inside, she talks a little about ‘The Heat’ and ‘Gravity’.

When she signed on to The Heat Bullock didn’t expect to be playing straight man to McCarthy’s firehose-blast of a performance. “Once I realized that that drove the film I had to step back,” she says. “Otherwise I would’ve been fighting for something that would’ve ended up on the cutting room floor. It wasn’t what I was hoping for but the end result was the success of the film and people liking us together.” While Bullock nixes any talk of The Heat 2, she says she’s keen for another project with her fast friend McCarthy. (Hollywood, get on this!)

She was a true collaborator on Gravity as well. It was her idea for instance that her character Dr. Ryan Stone was in a raw state of mourning for her dead child. (Originally, the script called for her character to have a child waiting for her back on Earth.) “What if she had absolutely nothing to fight for?” Bullock says she proposed. “She’s lost a child, there’s nothing back home, she’s a person who’s basically a machine. That was my idea and Alfonso was so open to it.”

Um… that sounds uplifting. Anywho, pick it up on newsstands or wait for it to come in the mail like me!



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