Barbra Streisand Helped Diane Lane In Divorce From Josh Brolin


Interesting, especially because Barbra is married to Josh’s dad, James Brolin. But I guess when the dude is publically having drunken brawls regularly, no matter what family relations there are, you would want to help somebody get away from that.

“She made it clear she would help Diane get everything she needed in her split from her own husband’s son,” a source revealed.

Both Josh and Diane have grown children from previous marriages and the source noted, “Barbra made it clear the divorce needed to go smoothly for the sake of the kids.”

And apparently it turned out to be one of the smoothest Hollywood divorces ever, thanks to Babs? 

“They’re really going to be fine as a divorced couple–Josh admits he’s too much of a ‘bad boy’ to be married to one woman and Diane and Barbra and even his father Jim agree completely,” the source said.

“This divorce decision was really the best for the whole family.”

And now he’s gone to rehab and hopefully got some help so he won’t drunkenly attack people in the street anymore.


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One Response to Barbra Streisand Helped Diane Lane In Divorce From Josh Brolin

  1. allofmywords says:

    Now she can move to Tuscany and meet an exotic Italian man…

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