Shia Lebeouf Needs To Go Home And Relax

This dude is a lit fuse. He needs to take a xanax and a nap.


This time he was in a pub in London with his girlfriend Mia Goth and apparently her mother (awks date night) when he got into an argument with another pub person. And allegedly headbutted someone.

According to footage of the alleged incident on TMZ, the Lawless star confronted the man over something that was said about his girlfriend Mia Goth‘s mother. He can be seen on camera shouting, “What’d you say about my girl’s mom?”

The Disney alum then allegedly head-butted the man, prompting others to restrain him. “Don’t be sarcastic with us again,” a woman can be heard telling the man after LaBeouf was pulled away. “Don’t even play smart.”

Additional video — which TMZ says was taken after the reported scuffle — shows a much calmer LaBeouf apologizing for his actions and explaining why he was upset. “I’m not trying to have, like, any more problems,” he says in the clip. “I’m really just trying to make peace…Look, I accept what I get into to do what I love. I’m not trying to s–t on nobody.”

“I’m a human being, you know what I mean?” he continues. “I’m super normal…When people want to get hostile, and s–t on my girl’s mom or say things that are out of turn…”

This dude just needs to chill the eff out. Super normal people don’t scream at others in pubs and head butt them. If you do that also, I’m sorry, you’re not a normal person.



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