Miley Cyrus Has Sage Advice For Justin Bieber


She knows what she’s talking about. Miley was on Jay Leno last night and of course the conversation veered towards Bieber, as he has been making headlines with his stupid behavior lately. Miley who has had her share of ‘scandal’ (Salvia anyone?) gave this advice to the Biebs.

“You’ve got a lot of money. Pay people to make sure you don’t get in trouble and party at your house,” the former Disney star said. “Buy a house, and add a club to it.”

“It’s funny because today, I was looking at — my fans put all these people’s mugshots up, and they were like, ‘I don’t see a Miley mugshot yet!’ I get the most flak of anybody. I’m not doing anything illegal! I’m doing a lot of s–t . . . Oops, sorry!” the “Wrecking Ball” singer said, apologizing for cursing on TV. “But I’m not doing anything illegal! So that’s all right. Everything I do is legal in California.”

Seriously! This is kind of along the lines of what I always say when famous celebs get DUIs or DWIs. You have a ton of money! Hire a frickin driver!! So yeah! Buy a house, add a club to it. I’m sure all of your friends would be more than happy with that situation. And as my father always says, nothing good happens after 2 am, so keep that sh*t at home man.


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