Report: Jake Gyllenhaal Effed Taylor Swift Over Big Time


Radar Online is reporting today, like WAAAY after the fact, that during Taylor and Jake’s short whirlwind courtship he convinced her to sleep with him, she lost her virginity to him. And then he didn’t show up for her 21st birthday and she cried in the bathroom all night, and then basically wrote her entire ‘Red’ album about him and his betrayal. Wow.

They were together only a measly 3 months, and if this is true, then Jake is a definite grade A dirt bag. Apparently her song, ‘The Moment I Knew’ is directly about the birthday party in question. So. Take from that what you will.

Here are some of the lyrics, and they’re pretty damning to Jakey G.

You should’ve been there,
Should’ve burst through the door,
With that ‘baby I’m right here’ smile,
And it would’ve felt like,
A million little shining stars had just aligned,
And I would’ve been so happy.
Christmas lights glisten,
I’ve got my eye on the door,
Just waiting for you to walk in,
But the time is ticking,
People ask me how I’ve been
As I comb back through my memory,
How you said you’d be here,
You said you’d be here.
And it was like slow motion,
Standing there in my party dress,
In red lipstick,
With no one to impress,
And they’re all laughing,
As I’m looking around the room,
But there’s one thing missing,
And that was the moment I knew.
And the hours pass by,
Now I just wanna be alone,
But your close friends always seem to know
When there’s something really wrong,
So they follow me down the hall,
And there in the bathroom,
I try not to fall apart,
And the sinking feeling starts,
As I say hopelessly,
“He said he’d be here.”


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