The Oscars Pizza Guy Talks About His Experience


So did you watch The Oscars? I did. Of course. And because I have had my kids around constantly due to AWESOME SNOW DAYS (sigh) I haven’t had much time to write about it much less think about it. The show was pretty fun, yeah? Especially when Ellen brought out pizza guy, Edgar Martirosyan, and gave out pizza slices to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. And they took it, willingly! Brad Pitt was handing out paper plates! Anyway, Edgar got an interview with Piers Morgan about the surprise snack and he was more surprised than anyone it seems.

Following his most memorable delivery ever, the Armenian business owner appeared on Piers Morgan Live to talk about the event with the British host. Revealing that he had no clue he’d be on the live telecast, Martirosyan gave some insight into his experience.

“I didn’t know [I was going on stage],” he said. “I came out with the pizzas, and they told me just wait, the pizzas were for writers. And then Ellen came out. And Ellen said, ‘I’m going to tell you to follow me.'”

He followed her on stage and eventually into the audience where he passed out the slices to hungry A-Listers.

“At that point I was just shocked. It was a really great moment,” Martirosyan  recalled. “When you say the American Dream, this is the real American Dream.”

Morgan agreed, declaring it was, “a great moment for Armenians all around the world!”

Considering the only Armenian’s any of us watch on TV is typically KARDASHIAN related, this was a welcome change. And I’m glad these fancy ladies in dresses were totally willing to chow down, because we were about 2 hours into the telecast and you KNOW they were starving.



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