Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry Are Feuding Over Their Kiss


So like a week ago, Katy went to see Miley in concert and they shared a kiss that last all of maybe 3 seconds, and of course it was caught on camera phone, and immediately put on the internet where it will live on for ever and ever amen. Katy has now said she basically didn’t want any part of that because she doesn’t know where Miley’s tongue has been.. now Miley is pissed.

During an appearance on the Australian talk show Sunrise on Tuesday, March 4, Perry explained how the smooch went down. “I just walked up to her to give her like a friendly girly kiss, you know, as girls do and then she like tried to move her head and go deeper and I pulled away,” Perry, 29, said. She added (seemingly jokingly): “God knows where that tongue has been. We don’t know! That tongue is so infamous!”

“Girl if ur worried abt where tongues have been good thing ur ex boo is ur EX BOO cause we ALL know where THAT been,” she wrote. Cyrus also included images of Perry from her Sunrise interview with captions of the quotes she said about Cyrus’ tongue.

WELL THEN. Who was she talking about there do you think? Russell Brand? or the newest ex John Mayer? Either one would fit the bill, for sure.


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Stay at home mom of two, obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture and gossip. Have been described as the "Master of Useless Information". I don't own any of these photos and I present anything as FACT.
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