Lady Gaga Channels Stevie Nicks For Porter Magazine

Gaga’s in Porter magazine, Issue 2, and she has a drastically different look than she’s sporting as of late. She looks amazing, as usual, and also like she is channeling Stevie Nicks, white witch of the north, and that is fine by me.


She looks so beautiful no matter what she does, doesn’t she?

‘I have a fierce love for my sister, who is so talented. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. When she shows me her drawings, I think, “f**k!” I want to sit in her apartment with her and smoke cigarettes and sew all day.’

While she can still be grounded, Gaga admits the months between September and December last year was the ‘most manic performance of my life’ as she was constantly changing her image because she felt ‘restless’.

She added to the magazine: ‘That’s when I know my soul is restless. It comes out in a very physical way. If I’m able to hold on to one look for a longer period of time, it means I’ve settled into a new idea. If I haven’t, I’m just searching for the next thing, “What’s next? What’s next?”

I’m glad she noticed she was being a bit manic. Throughout the promo for Artpop, I was waiting to see a ‘theme’, as with her other record, but it came across a little haphazard, which doesn’t mean it wasn’t good and interesting, it was just all over the strip. Regardless, I wish I was going to see her in May SO BAD.





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