Amanda Bynes’s Mom Says Pot Was To Blame For Crazy Behavior



“Amanda has no mental illness whatsoever. She has never been diagnosed as schizophrenic or bipolar,” Bynes tells Us Weekly in a statement, via attorney Tamar Arminak. “She is very sorry for all the hurtful tweets, statements and actions that occurred while she was under the influence of marijuana.” (Back in May 2013, Bynes was arrested for throwing a bong out a window from her NYC apartment.)

Bynes, 28, returned home back in December 2013 after several months of what was widely reported as treatment for mental illness. She sought treatment at a Malibu facility, and spent some time in the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center.

“Amanda currently is on zero medication. She’s devoted to living her life as healthy as possible,” Arminak adds to Us. “Her family is closely involved with her day-to-day life, but they try to give her as much autonomy as possible.”

Okay. Let me start by saying I think it’s so great and awesome that Amanda is doing so much better and has her life on track and she looks happy and healthy and wonderful. Happy and shiny! Good things. With that said, who does her mom and her lawyer think they’re kidding? I mean, I don’t think they know how marijuana works. Certainly not like that. Sorry, Mom, but I used to smoke a good amount of weed in my younger days, and I never went batshit and threw bongs from windows. And I didn’t have to be institutionalized for any length of time because of it either. Much like a transformer, I think there is more than meets the eye here. But I guess, she’s got a bit of a career to protect.


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