Johnny Depp’s Latest, ‘Transcendence’, Totally Bombed At The Box Office

I kind of thought this might happen after every single review of it gave it like, one star, and said it sucked.


This film cost 100 million dollars to make. And made 11 million opening weekend. This…isn’t good. Johnny needs to put a little more thought to the projects he’s choosing, because between this and ‘The Lone Ranger’ his track record ain’t looking so great anymore.

Transcendence, which also stars Morgan Freeman, Rebecca Hall, and Kate Mara, among others, earned slightly more at the international box office, bringing in $17.4 million abroad.

Depp, 50, stars in the film as a man named Dr. Will Caster, who is working on taking computers to a new level in the form of a machine that would fuse technology with human intelligence, allowing it to transcend the capabilities of the mind — thus transcendence. He is shot by extremist activists who want to fight the growth of artificial intelligence. Following the violence, Caster finds a way for his mind to live on through his technology.

Stupid plot. Maybe people are turning on Johnny too because of his shady personal life? I don’t know. Either way, he needs to reevaluate.



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