Alec Baldwin Was Handcuffed For Riding His Bike In The Wrong Direction

Alec Baldwin Airport

Speaking as someone who hasn’t been on a bike in years, and doesn’t live in any sort of city, this story made me giggle.

The 30 Rock alum, 56, was photographed as he was being handcuffed by the NYPD. A source tells Us Weekly that Baldwin was neither arrested nor charged with a crime. He received a summons after riding his bike the wrong way. The insider adds that the longtime Manhattan resident was also taken downtown because he did not have an ID on him as he was riding his bike.

Among the five rules and regulations listed under NYC Bike Law, one strictly says bike riders must “never ride against traffic.” The law states, “Motorists and pedestrians are not looking for bicyclists riding against traffic. It is illegal and dangerous. Ride with traffic to avoid accidents.”

The more you know! Alec Baldwin is not above the law, y’all. Either way, maybe he should make good on his promise to move out of NYC, seems to be nothing but for trouble for him there.

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