J Lo Is Getting Sick of Boy Toy’s Sexting Antics

So, J Lo and Casper Smart have been an item for a while now. I think it was a bad decision on Jenny from the Block’s part, because this dude is obviously a tool. Just look at him.


I mean, Jennifer Lopez could do a MILLION times better than this idiot. Hopefully she’s beginning to realize that, because he keeps getting himself stuck in these sexting situations.

On Monday, thedirty.com hit Lopez, 44, with details of 27-year-old Smart’s second alleged sexting transgression, this time with a transgendered female model named Xristina Marie.

A source told us of the growing frustration in the Lopez camp over Smart’s antics: “She’s coming back to The Bronx and the only thing anyone can talk about is her toyboy and the transsexuals.”

Another source tells us, “Jennifer is getting tired of all these allegations. She doesn’t need this drama and is ready to move on.”

While reps for Lopez declined to comment last night, the second source sniffed, “The focus should be on her work for the foundation and the concert, not Casper Smart.”

The latest Smart uproar comes after transgender bikini model Sofie Vissa tried to shop a story claiming that she shared intimate Instagram messages with Lopez’s boyfriend, claiming to have screenshots of their alleged chats as well as “naked images of Casper Smart,” according to thedirty.com editor Nik Richie, who first exposed the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal.

Now, obviously, this article mentioned is putting emphasis on the fact that the ladies he is dealing with on the side happen to be transgender. This does not matter at all. What does matter is that he is allegedly having dealings on the side with other women!! Not cool. J Lo, do the right thing and chuck this dude to the curb. Please. And then, get a good man.

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