Jason Segel’s Mom Cried At His Nude Scene In Forgetting Sarah Marshall


I think we all shed a tear at that one.

Jillian Jordan was less-than-pleased with her son’s full-frontal nudity scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Part of the reason, he told Vanity Fair, was because she had no clue it was coming.

“She cried,” Segel, 34, recalled of when his mom saw the graphic scene in the 2008 comedy flick.

After the initial shock had subsided, his mom went on to send a mass email to family members, giving them fair warning about the scene. “I would like to inform you all that Jason has chosen to do full-frontal nudity,” she wrote. “However, it is not gratuitous and is essential to the plot.”

HA. Couldn’t he have just given her a quick call beforehand though? Like, ‘Hey, Mom, just so you know- you’re gonna see my junk in the flick for a minute’. That’s all it would have taken. Oh well. His new flick with Cameron Diaz, ‘Sex Tape’, is coming out soon. And considering the subject matter, his mom is going to have a lot more to cry about.



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