Megan Fox Looks Hot On Cosmo


She’s hitting the promotional trail for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that is headed our way soon. And she is our April. I think she’ll do well, I guess. I just can’t get over the terrifying new Turtles. What the hell is Splinter gonna look like?!

She tells the mag how she basically wasn’t allowed to read Cosmo when she was in her formative years (sounds like my life).

“I remember I used to think it was a big deal, when I was like 15, 16, and I knew that Cosmo was something my mom probably didn’t want me to read, and so it was exciting to get a hold of it because you felt like you were getting a glimpse behind what it was to be a woman,” she said. “They’re letting you in on womanly secrets.”

For me it was Cosmo, and especially YM. My mom HATED YM with a fiery passion. I remember one particular issue with Christian Slater on the cover – in his very best hair years, around the time of Untamed Heart, you know what I’m talking about – and some sex articles mentioned. My mom flipped out and took em all away. I still ended up a slut.



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