Connie Britton and Adam Driver’s Sex Scene Was Cut From ‘This Is Where I Leave You’


I can’t wait for this film! I loved the book, and the casting for this just looks spot on. Really looking forward to it. Connie and Adam play a couple, with a few years in between them, and many issues as well. This also was the director’s, Shawn Levy, first sex scene EVER. Which is hard to believe in Hollywood, but he’s done Night at the Museum and Date Night, so they were relatively tame. So… anyway. It got cut from the final film.

Britton joked that Levy made the cut because “ultimately he couldn’t handle it.” Even if she wishes the scene had made it into the film, she doesn’t question the director’s omission.

“I would’ve liked if it had been in the movie,” she said, “[but] I always defer to the director on that and he had reasons that seemed important for that, but you know, if you shoot something like that, it would be nice to have it in there. It showed another aspect of our relationship — a sexual one.”

As for Adam Driver, the “Friday Night Lights” actress offered nothing but the highest praise.

“He immerses himself so completely in what he’s doing, and yet he doesn’t do it in a pretentious way, or in a way that feels off-putting to the people he’s working with,” Britton said. “In fact, he does it quite the opposite where, you know, you feel completely included in his process and it feels completely collaborative.”

It didn’t hurt that Driver is a sex-scene veteran, thanks to three seasons and counting on HBO’s “Girls.”

“Adam Driver is the king of the sex scene, à la ‘Girls,'” she said. “But he was so great and he was so — kind of like, ‘I want to make sure you’re comfortable,’ and I was like, ‘I’m fine! No problem. Let’s take care of Shawn Levy, he might need some help!'”



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