Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland Granted a Restraining Order Against Her Ex Boyfriend Matthew Prokop


This is scary. We heard recently that the 2 actors had split after 5ish years together and now it turns out that it was under some very scary circumstances.

The actress alleges she experienced four years of abuse at the hands of Prokop during their relationship.

Hyland describes an incident where she claims she was pinned against a car during an argument with Prokop in May. During the altercation she says the young man choked her and called her a ‘c***’ over and over again.

‘His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak,’ Hyland said in the documents. ‘I was scared and in fear for my life.’ 

Hyland then describes how she got her TV mother Bowen involved to help her ‘peacefully end the relationship.’

The actress, who plays Bowen’s daughter Haley Dunphy on the hit ABC comedy, flew out her beau to his home in Texas earlier this year.

But when Prokop arrived and saw everyone in his house, including Bowen, he ‘ran outside into the backyard and began screaming’, according to the documents.

Hyland then says that Prokop threw a ‘lighter’ at her, which triggered Bowen to step in and get her out of the house as she ‘wasn’t safe’.

She also claims that Prokop threatened to commit arson by setting one of her homes on fire and to get rid of her dog.

Following their split, Sarah says her former boyfriend “relentlessly bombarded me with vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats.”

Very very disturbing. I hope Sarah and her dog stay safe from this man who is obviously obsessive with some major anger issues. Sick. Domestic violence is never okay.



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