Bill Murray Spoke At Clooney’s Wedding


Bill Murray truly seems like the ideal party guest. I would invite him to anything, anytime, anywhere. What a guy. He was on the Today show being interviewed while promoting his new flick, which is already getting Oscar buzz, ‘St Vincent’.

“So everyone’s just in T-shirts, you know, real casual,” Murray teased Lauer. “It was a lot of fun.”

The Ghostbusters star revealed he gave a wedding toast at the reception, but kept specific details to himself. “I did speak. I did get to say something. I can’t really recreate it, but it was something about the fact that — a lot of people, it seemed, put their lives on hold until these people [George and Amal] found their happiness. Because they’re both very, very, very good people and very considerate and thoughtful of their friends and families. So the idea that they got it now is liberating. It really is liberating to see them alive and in love,” he told Lauer.

“These two — it’s just miraculous that they found each other because they are so ideal for each other,” he continued. “People were very emotional about the fact that these two people found someone. That really was a great part of the party.” (The actor noted the same “finding each other” sentiment to Us Weekly at his St. Vincent NYC premiere on Monday, Oct. 6.)

Murray also added in his admiration for Clooney’s new bride. “They were so beautiful. She really is a beautiful girl and a real huge heart and a great humanitarian,” he gushed to Lauer. “And funny, too. She’s the funniest Lebanese since [comedian] Danny Thomas.”

HA. I love him. Should I invite him to my kid’s 5th birthday party?



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