Jenna Dewan-Tatum Reveals It’s Hard To Lose Pregnancy Weight


I was all ready to be snarky and ‘YOU DON’T SAY?’ all over the place, but I’m glad someone in Hollywood is being honest. Because you don’t lose weight ‘running after’ a newborn. They don’t run. Or move around much. They’re blobbies that pee, poo, eat and cry. (I LOVE babies, but this is the truth). Toddlers, yes, there is running involved.

‘I work out with Jen Johnson, this trainer that I’ve worked out with forever who does a dance-based training,’ she told the weekly at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Women In Entertainment Breakfast last week.

‘It’s awesome. It’s so hard. Everyone I brought to it says it’s the hardest workout they’ve ever done.’

Incredibly, it’s not Hollywood’s go-to workout guru Johnson’s grueling exercise program, which counts Jessica Alba as a fan, that has kept Jenna in shape — it is keeping up with her rambunctious daughter that makes her flex the most muscle.

‘When I can, I do that,’ she said of the workout sessions, ‘When I can’t, I’m literally ruining around chasing Everly and that is my workout. When you have [a daughter] who wants to do nothing but run and dance… you are just running after her making sure she is not hitting her head on everything.’ 

But, how much running around do you really do after an almost 2 year old? Is their house the size of a football field? I guess that’s where living in an apartment comes in handy.




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