Bill Cosby Makes Rape Jokes During Performance After Being Accused of Rape Multiple Times


Ok. This is one of the most infuriating things I have ever read in my life. During a performance last night in Canada, Cosby was doin’ his ‘comedy’ thing when a woman got up to get a drink, he asked what she was doing and she answered. And then things turned into fuckery.

When Cosby questioned her actions, the audience member explained she was off to the bar and asked if he wanted a drink.

Cosby reportedly replied, “I already have one,” gesturing to his bottle of water. “You have to be careful about drinking around me,” he added.

His quip elicited gasps from the crowd, which quickly became cheers and laughter.

Despite the positive reactions from most of the audience, Cosby was heckled by one male non-fan, who yelled at the stage during a different part of the show, “We don’t love you Bill!”

The man and his friend were quickly removed from Ontario’s Budweiser Gardens venue whilst screaming, “You are a rapist. I’m being ejected because you are a rapist.” There were also a few dozen protesters who gathered outside the auditorium, unhappy with the venue’s decision to allow the now-controversial comedian to perform.

So, basically, they arrested and detained the man for yelling, but the man who *ALLEGEDLY* (ahem) raped many women is just sitting on stage making jokes about it and not even getting his wrist slapped. Makes sense, right? Yay justice. Happy Friday.



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