Dakota Johnson Wore Sparkles and Went Barefoot After the Globes

Maybe you have heard of 50 Shades of Grey? Maybe? Dakota is playing the lead role of Ana Steele and she was at the Golden Globes last night to present and promote the film which comes out on Valentines Day (how romantic…). I actually love her dress because SPARKLES, but giiiirl. Wait till you’re in the limo to take off those heels.


Eww. Don’t do this, ladies. You’re in LA, God only KNOWS what’s on the sidewalk. That said, those shoes look painful as hell. She needs to keep a pair of roll up ballet flats in her clutch.



About fckwhatyouheard

Stay at home mom of two, obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture and gossip. Have been described as the "Master of Useless Information". I don't own any of these photos and I present anything as FACT.
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