Angelina and Jennifer SOMEHOW Avoid Each Other At Critics Choice Awards


And neither of them won anything. So, there. Anyway, did you watch the Critics Choice awards last night? It was on A&E which was weird, and hosted by Michael Strahan, which was also a little weird. But overall it was a semi enjoyable 2 hours on a Thursday night. Here is the basic timeline these two ladies used to keep far far away from each other. (This is hilarious)

Aniston (who appeared in good spirits despite her Oscar snub earlier in the day) and Theroux then busied themselves elsewhere, not entering the ballroom until literally 20 seconds before the show went live at 6 p.m. PST. “They walked in holding hands [in a rush] so hustled to their seat,” a source tells Us, ensuring no pre-show uncomfortable encounters!

During the first commercial break, Aniston (who was seated on one side of the ballroom, while Jolie was on completely the other side, sitting next to Takamasa Ishihara, the villain in Unbroken) chatted with Emily Blunt, who ran over to give her and Theroux a hug. Jolie, meanwhile, took photos with fans and critics and stayed resolutely on her side of the venue.

Two commercial breaks later, Aniston and Theroux did a quick exit, complete with bodyguard, so the former Friends star could go to the bathroom, and her fiance could grab some drinks. But while Aniston did manage to run into some of her famous friends (Julianne Moore and Reese Witherspoon were making simultaneous pit stops) Jolie remained inside the ballroom.

Having missed their moment to return to the show before it went live again, Aniston and Theroux had to wait until the next commercial break to re-enter the venue, missing host Michael Strahan‘s Maleficent outfit and stage conversation with Jolie.

A couple of commercial breaks later, and it was Jolie’s turn for a quick bathroom run, but by this point Aniston and Theroux were safely back at their table!

The HORROR if they had met in the bathroom, or something. Can you imagine?! Actually, probably nothing at all would happen, they would probably resolutely ignore each other and deprive us all of the much anticipated behind the scenes relationship drama. Oh well.



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