Gwyneth Reveals She Used To Use Hard Drugs and Loves Blue Ivy


Gwyneth was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen last night after being on Howard Stern as well. I guess she’s promoting that new flick with Johnny Depp? I don’t know.

Cohen then asked Paltrow which of her exes’ current wives she would rather be stuck in an elevator with: Brad Pitt‘s spouse Angelina Jolie or Ben Affleck‘s wife Jennifer Garner. “That’s a really good question!” Paltrow said, stalling. “Um, I mean…I think either. I really like Jennifer Garner. I don’t know Angelina Jolie very well.”

She was then asked about the “hardest drug” she’s ever consumed during her many years in Hollywood. Without skipping a beat, Paltrow responded: “Ecstasy.” (Paltrow has previously joked about her past drug use, telling Ross Mathews in 2013: “I did so many drugs in the ’90s. I don’t remember. I have no idea.”)

Yikes, Gwyneth! But I’m not surprised. That was before she was GOOPy, and all into natural healthy living.

The best aspect about being Bey and Jay’s bestie is none other than hanging out with Blue Ivy Carter. “It also means I get to be around their daughter, who I love so freaking much!” Paltrow, a mother of two herself, gushed.

“She is a powerhouse,” the GOOP founder noted. “She is the boss of everything. She can do all the choreography to ‘Chandelier,’ even though she’s just 3 years old. She’s just super smart, and I love her so much.”

Wait, how does BIC know the whole Chandelier dance?!?!? I’m 32 and I still can’t memorize it.  And of COURSE Gwyneth doesn’t know Angelina Jolie very well, I don’t think Jolie is friends with any females in Hollyweird.



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