Chris Harrison Knew Things Were Off Before Andi and Josh’s Bachelorette Split


Of course he knew. Chris knows all. He’s the beacon of light in this Bachelor stage. We’re all merely players in his little game of love.

“I knew things were a little off,” Harrison, 43, told Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday, Jan. 20. “They were being a little awkward and weird. But you know, they’re from Georgia. You know those people.” (Both Dorfman and Murray lived in Atlanta, Ga., before their season of The Bachelorette aired.)

“A) I was shocked and B) I was a little disappointed,” the veteran TV host noted, “because I wish they just said something to me.”

Harrison’s main concern, however, was Dorfman and Murray’s well-being. “I never would’ve put them in that awkward of a position,” he recalled of the Bachelor premiere. “And talked about their wedding date had I known they were on the rocks.”

They should have gone to Chris Harrison!! He could have fixed everything! They’d probably still be together after some wise words from our fateful leader, Harrison.



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