Jane Fonda Is Really Sorry About Seeming Anti American In Vietnam


My mother has called Jane Fonda ‘Hanoi Jane’ since before I was born, I’ve been hearing this FOREVER. Yes, we watched and loved ‘Monster in Law’, but she was still Hanoi Jane to us. Now, all these years later, Jane has come forward to admit she made a glaring mistake.

“Whenever possible I try to sit down with vets and talk with them, because I understand and it makes me sad,” she told the audience, according to the local Frederick News-Post. “It hurts me and it will to my grave that I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers.”

The opinion that Fonda is or was anti-soldier has remained to this day. Military veterans and critics stood outside of the venue on Saturday evening to protest the Oscar winner’s appearance, holding signs and speaking out against Fonda’s perceived bias.

“I’m a lightning rod,” Fonda continued. “This famous person goes and does something that looks like I’m against the troops, which wasn’t true, but it looked that way, and I’m a convenient target. So I understand.”

I can see what she was probably trying to do in going to Vietnam during the war.. she was anti- war, not anti-American. But, she probably shouldn’t have been cavorting with the enemy that was killing hundreds of our soldiers. I think she’s learned her lesson.



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