Seth Rogen’s Sorry About That Inglorious Basterds American Sniper Joke (It Was Funny!!)


People need to lighten up, for reals. Seth Rogen made a joke on Twitter the other day saying ‘American Sniper’ reminded him of the third act of ‘Inglorious Basterds’. Which is hilarious and TRUE!! Ha. Anyway, because the internet, people got all pissed off and we’re basically calling for his murder and/or deportation. So he was forced to apologize because people have no sense of humor anymore and that is depressing.


I can almost guarantee that people who got all upset about his tweet had never even seen Inglorious Basterds. Their loss. Poor Seth.



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Stay at home mom of two, obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture and gossip. Have been described as the "Master of Useless Information". I don't own any of these photos and I present anything as FACT.
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