Brit Journalist Katie Hopkins Is a Monster To Kelly Clarkson And All Of Us


Is she like Britain’s own little Ann Coulter? She is one of the meanest people I have seen in a long time. I watched her rant and rave on Access Hollywood last night, and she made me want to simultaneously barf and punch someone in the face. She’s railing on Kelly Clarkson for gaining weight. I don’t care about Kelly Clarkson’s weight. I think she is always beautiful and she sings like a motherfucking angel, so who the hell cares what size she is currently wearing? Oh, this idiot does.

“Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all of her backing singers?” Hopkins first wrote on Feb. 20. “Look chubsters, Kelly Clarkson had a baby a year ago. That is no longer baby weight. That is carrot cake weight. Get over yourselves.”

“There is no such thing as fat-shaming,” Hopkins said with a laugh on Access Hollywood. “There is only skinny-blaming… It doesn’t hurt me if I hurt someone’s feelings. Ultimately if you put yourself out there, if you’re in the media, if you’re in the public eye, then you have to accept what comes your way.”

“That’s not bullying, that’s a great line,” she added of her tweets. “Ultimately, Twitter is about finding the fun and Kelly Clarkson does look a bit like she ate her backing singers. I would suggest that when she took eating for two and she decided to eat for 10. If you can’t find the fun in that, then more pity on you.”

She’s basically a sociopath. Even Billy Bush was almost at a lost for words with the evil spewing out of this woman’s hate hole.

And really, when it’s all said and done. Someone can lose weight, but you cannot fix that unfortunate thing on her called a face. You can’t fix ugly lady, that comes from within.



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Stay at home mom of two, obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture and gossip. Have been described as the "Master of Useless Information". I don't own any of these photos and I present anything as FACT.
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