Some Idiots Are Offended By a Sarah Silverman Tweet


I think it’s both hilarious and disturbing because it’s too true. She tweeted a picture on her account, which was then retweeted a LOT, of Top Rape Prevention Tips. We, ladies, see these all the time. We’re expected to be hyper aware, take self defense classes, carry mace/pepper spray/ stun gun at all times and OF COURSE keep all skin covered lest some man can’t control his primal urges and rapes us in the streets. Her tips were a little different.


If only ALL men followed these 10 simple rules, the world would be a much nicer place, dontcha think? But of course, because people are stupid, some baby men on twitter took offense and apparently thought she was implying this about all men. Which is obviously not the case seeing as she is in a relationship with a man. Huh.

Zac Lee posted: ‘It’s extremely offensive. It implies that it’s common for men to think about ways to rape girls, when that’s nonsense.’

Another user wrote: ‘This is so offensive to men. What an awful subtext you’re propagating.’

And Paul Jukes tweeted: ‘Rather harsh on those of us who, you know, wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone.’

User Ben Morpy wrote: ‘I feel like battling sexism with sexist propaganda is the best way to promote sexism.’ 

Awww poor men. Poor man tears. If you’re offended by this, you might be a rapist!



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