Tori Spelling Fell On A Hibachi Grill And Got Burned


HOW? How does one ‘fall upon a hibachi grill’?! I’ve been to Benihana (exactly once) and I feel like it would be really hard to accidently fall onto one of those things. Not impossible, I guess.. I just want video, okay?

Spelling’s husband Dean McDermott confirmed to the New York Daily News that his wife burned her arm on the steaming grill and required medical care to treat the burns.

“It was an unfortunate accident,” the troubled star, 48, told the newspaper. “She had a little burn… She had to get skin grafts.” Asked by the Daily News if the couple would be pressing charges against Benihana, McDermott answered, “I don’t know.”

So, they don’t know yet if they’re going to press charges against Benihana for Tori being a dumbass and falling onto a grill. This screams of money grab to me. Anyone else? I mean, these guys have been making uncomfortable ‘reality’ shows for years now, and Dean has famously been outspoken for his dislike of it… seems a little fishy.



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