Chris Martin, This Year’s ‘Left Shark’, On The Cover of Rolling Stone


So, did you catch that weird ass SuperBowl Pepsi halftime show last night? We had Coldplay, Bruno Mars (and Mark Ronson, he will swear to you he was up there) and Queen B herself performing her new single that came from out of nowhere ‘Formation’. It was fun. My mom was singing pretty loudly along with ‘Uptown Funk’. That’s an experience in and of it self.

Anyway, my favorite part was near the end of the performance, the three main vocalists were kind of, chasing the camera, in an aggressive like, sharks vs the jets way and Chris Martin of Coldplay ended up in the middle. The results have been some hilarious memes. Just google it. I’ll wait.

Now Chris is on the cover of Rolling Stone to talk about his conscious uncoupling from Gwyneth Paltrow and how Beyonce hated a song she wrote for him once.

In his new cover story for Rolling Stone, the Coldplay frontman, 38, revealed that he once presented Queen Bey, 34, with a song called “Hook Up.”

Noting that Beyoncé rejected the song “in the sweetest way possible,” Martin added, “She told me, ‘I really like you — but this is awful.’”

We could say that about a lot of Coldplay’s catalogue, yes?

“I have a very wonderful separation-divorce,” Martin told Rolling Stone. “It’s a divorce — but it’s a weird one … I see it as more like you meet someone, you have some time together and things just move through.”

That’s weird. I don’t get it, but hey, you do you. It’s better than skewering each other in the press at the expense of your kids.


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