Alexander Skarsgard Skipped Wearing Pants For MTV



One thing is for sure, Skarsgard knows what the people want. Which is no pants, apparently.

In case you’re old, like me, you may have missed the MTV Movie Awards that aired last night ( I was busy watching Madam Secretary and Fear the Walking Dead like a self respecting old lady) and Skarsgard presented some award with Samuel L. Jackson. As you can see from the photo, Jackson is a wee bit flummoxed by the missing pants. ASkars looks super happy with his decision.

“You’re not wearing any pants,” co-presenter and Tarzan costar Samuel L. Jackson said while stating the obvious.

“Nope, no pants,” Skarsgard replied, his gams flapping in the wind.

“Why?” Jackson inquired, even if we’re not quite sure he wanted to know the answer.

“Me Tarzan,” Skarsgard said knowingly. “Gotta give the fans a little skin.”

Ah yes, promotions! He’s promoting his new ‘Tarzan’ flick which he stars in with Margot Robbie. Yep, they’re doin’ Tarzan again.

“I was going to go shirtless, but then someone told me Zac Efron did that two years ago here,” he explained.

“It was a historic moment,” Jackson offered.

Skarsgard said he instead chose to shed his pants because “it’s just as sexy, but a little bit classier and – dare I say – more sophisticated. No offense, Mr. Efron.”

Jackson seemingly pretended to agree with him.

“You definitely do look classy and sophisticated,” he said, clearing his throat for emphasis.



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