Taylor Swift On British Vogue Magazine

She’s looking totes 80’s, guys. Her new album is called 1989 after all.


‘Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind, because I can’t picture how it could work with the way my life is.

‘I don’t know how a guy is supposed to walk next to his girlfriend when there are 20 men with cameras, and he can’t protect his girlfriend because that’s the life she chose.’

The Love Story hitmaker reveals that she’s now simply stopped thinking about finding Mr. Right.

She adds: ‘I just don’t see how it could work, so I don’t think about it, and I kind of run from it when it presents itself. 

Finally. I really want those shoes she’s wearing in the photo above. Not that I would wear them, but they’re really pretty. And probably like 1000 bucks.

‘The one thing I wish these girls that come to my shows knew is that they are exactly where I was when I was a teenager.

‘I had no idea who I was! I was going through all these phases. I was trying on different outfits and all these different personalities, trying to figure out what category I fit into, and which clique I would be accepted in.

‘But if you just keep doing ‘you’, and being who you are and doing what feels natural to you, maybe you won’t find a place where you fit in for a very long time, but you eventually will.’



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Clerks 3 Is Coming.


Kevin Smith’s long awaited Clerks 3 is coming for you, thanks to his horror film ‘Tusk’ which is currently in theatres. (Starring Justin Long! Becoming a ….walrus!)

‘Tusk’ was the absolute bridge to ‘Clerks III,’” Smith said during Friday’s “Hollywood Babble-On,” his weekly live podcast. “Because of ‘Tusk’ I got my financing for ‘Clerks III.’”

“Tusk” stars Justin Long (“Accepted”) as a podcaster who ventures to a secluded location in Canada by himself to interview a seafarer, played by Michael Parks (“Red State”), who is obsessed with walruses, and wants to turn Long’s character into one.

After 10 days in theaters, “Tusk” has only managed to make $1.4 million, and has received mostly negative reviews. It must, however, have at least one very wealthy fan, because he’s managed to fund a movie that The Weinstein Company — which produced “Clerks II” and owns the rights to the franchise — refused to finance for $6 million, but agreed to distribute.

“A year and change ago I was desperately trying to get ‘Clerks III’ made for the 20th anniversary and that desperation — I must have reeked of it because I couldn’t f–king find money and shit,” Smith said during the podcast at the Hollywood Improv. “But it was ‘Tusk,’ people going ‘Holy f–k, what else do you have?’ and I was like ‘Clerks III’ and they’re like ‘done’. So, everybody that’s like, ‘He failed, he failed,’ I’m like ‘Thank you, I failed into doing ‘Clerks III.’”

I cannot wait for Clerks 3. It feels like so long ago that Clerks 2 came out. I didn’t have any kids then! Weird. I even got to see it in the theatre. In the middle of the day. In a double feature with ‘Lady in the Water’. I’m dating myself, here.


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Brad Pitt Loves Shia LeBeouf, Almost Decked Scott Eastwood In a Tank


So, the three dudes were filming their new WW2 flick, ‘Fury’, and things got a little heated within the confines of the tank.

“We were driving down the road, I’m in the turret, Shia is at the other turret, and Scott is on the back, spitting juice,” Angelina Jolie‘s husband, 50, recalled of Clint Eastwood‘s son, 28. “And I’m starting to get pissed off, I’m starting to get hot, because this is our home, he’s disrespecting our home, you know? So I said, in the scene with the cameras rolling, ‘You’re going to clean that (bleep) up.'”

The A-list actor, in that tense moment, was backed by his 28-year-old costar LaBeouf. “Shia clocks it, and you have to understand, we’ve been through severe boot camp already; we’ve been through a lot in this tank,” Pitt reasoned. “Shia saw it and felt the same — he’s disrespecting our home. So Shia had the same reaction I did and started having some words.”

With LaBeouf involved and cameras rolling, Pitt felt the need to mediate the heated scenario — only to realize later that it was his own fault. “I had to get in after the cameras were rolling and explain it to Scotty,” Pitt said. “The funny thing is, when we got home at the end of the day and read the script, it said Scotty’s character is ‘chewing tobacco and spitting it on the back of the tank.’ He was just doing as instructed in the script! So we were the knobs in the end….”

We all know it doesn’t take much to get Shia riled up, as if Scott Eastwood couldn’t have taken em both down with one arm tied behind his back. I mean, c’mon.

“Oh, I love this boy,” Pitt said of LaBeouf. “He’s one of the best actors I’ve ever seen. He’s full-on commitment, man. He’s living it like no one else, let me tell you. I’ve been fortunate to work with a lot of great actors. He’s one of the best I’ve seen.”

I especially loved his work in ‘Holes’ and ‘Even Stevens’.


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George and Amal’s Wedding Photos!


Beautiful! I like People’s cover better than Hello’s, for sure. More natural looking.

Both sets of parents are thrilled by the union with Amal’s mother Baria Alamuddin opening up to People about the special day.

She gushed: ‘George and Amal radiated love all night,’ while George’s father Nick Clooney gave a heartfelt speech about his one-time confirmed bachelor son and his new bride.

He said: ‘George and Amal present us with … belief that in this place and at this moment, love is alive and well.’

George revealed they always planned to marry in Italy as that is where the couple first met and it holds special memories for them.

People reports that guests were gifted with iPods which held playlists chosen by George and Amal.

Amal wore her long dark hair – which was styled by Michaeljohn creative director Max Coles – loose over her shoulders with a stunning veil for her big day.

Her dress was hand-embroidered with pearls and diamanté and featured a large circular train.

Can’t wait til those issues are out. This is the year of celeb weddings we never thought would happen! First Brangelina, now Clooney!



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John Cusack Says Hard Truths About Hollywood


In a recent interview with The Guardian, John did not hold back on his thoughts about Hollywood these days and how weird it has become. Especially with the ages of actresses and the creep factor with young girls.

“I got another 15, 20 years before they say I’m old,” the veteran star told the publication. Cusack is currently acting in Maps to the Stars with Julianne Moore, Robert Pattinson, and Mia Wasikowska, among others, in a story that looks at the obsession with celebrity and stars’ falls from grace.

In the upcoming film, screenwriter Bruce Wagner comments on the value of youth, teasing that a 26-year-old actress is called “menopausal” by her younger costars.

“For women it’s brutal,” Cusack continued on aging in Hollywood. “Bruce’s thing about if you’re 26, you’re menopausal? It’s only absurd because it’s a little bit further than the truth.”

“I have actress friends who are being put out to pasture at 29,” The Butler star added. “They just want to open up another can of hot 22. It’s becoming almost like kiddie porn. It’s f–king weird.”

“People would look after you when I was a kid. There were good people in the business. When I came to L.A. Rob Reiner said: ‘Come stay at my house.’ He taught me. I worked with Pacino,” he said of his legendary City Hall costar. “Pacino would talk to you and mentor you. Now it’s different. The culture just eats young actors up and spits them out. It’s a hard thing to survive without finding safe harbor.”

Cusack also criticized the current economics of movies, with corporations investing in projects and big-budget franchises trumping all. “You can’t make it up,” Cusack said of Hollywood. “It’s a whorehouse and people go mad.”

Everything he says is totally true and totally disturbing. I mean.. Angelina Jolie has played Colin Farrel’s mother. In what universe is that considered normal? Roles for women above age 35 (and I’m being generous here) are no where, or they’re given to a 22 year old. It’s a sick cycle that shows no sign of slowing.


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George and Amal Close Out Wedding Weekend With Civil Ceremony


A private ceremony, only attended by George and Amal, his long time water driver, Alessandro Greco as witness and officiated by George’s friend and former mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni. I didn’t even realize Rome was supposed to have a mayor. (I never claimed to be smart).

So how does it feel to be married? “Nice!” Clooney, in a gray suit, told waiting fans as he walked out of Ca’Farsetti with Alamuddin, who wore a cream-colored pantsuit and hat. Chimed in the new (Stella McCarney-clad) Mrs. Clooney: “Amazing!”

And now they’re officially official!


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Brad Pitt Says He Is A ‘Miserable Bastard’


Well then!  In next month’s GQ magazine, Brad did an interview and was asked about his marriage to Angelina and his friendship with George Clooney. Fascinating.

“I wouldn’t say [marriage is] just a title,” Pitt said of he and his wife’s decision to tie the knot. “There’s more to it than that.”

And although Clooney had previously described supremely-private Pitt as “unreachable,” the World War Z actor, who did not join his buddy Clooney at the wedding, insisted he didn’t mind being talked about that way.

“Well, you know, George is extremely accessible. He’s one of our best representatives,” Pitt explained. “He’s funny as sh-t. He’s a joy to be around. I guess maybe I’m more of a miserable b–tard. I’m a bit of a loner, you know? I’m more quiet by nature. And coming from hillbilly country, I’m probably more reserved.”

Pitt also revealed he’s reeling in his acting career to make sure he doesn’t miss more of his kids’ childhood than is absolutely necessary.

“I’ve been slowing down for a while now,” he explained. “And slowly transitioning to other things. And, truthfully, I do want to spend more time with my kids before they’re grown up and gone.”

He’s got that right, for sure. Spend as much time with your kiddos as possible before they’re teenagers and hate your guts. And yeah, George is the best rep for the Hollywood folks. Who doesn’t love George Clooney??


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Reese Witherspoon On The Cover Of Vogue


For being on the cover of Vogue, they really chose the worst image ever. They photoshopped her face so badly that she looks nothing like herself, everything is off and her skin looks washed out, at least to me.

Oh, and now I looked and people are commenting on Vogue’s Instagram page saying basically the exact same thing that I just typed.. SO. Anyway, she’s promoting her new film ‘Wild’ which I know absolutely nothing about. Sorry, Reese.

“When people underestimate me, it’s actually a comfortable place for me,” she told Vogue. “‘Oh, that’s what you think I am; well, no, I’m not.’ I’m a complex human being. I have many different shades.”

Not all of the shades are easy for her to wear, but that’s the point. According to Vogue, for her role in Wild, based on Cheryl Strayed’s memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail on a journey of self-discovery after her mother’s sudden death, the Mud actress had to learn how to look like she was shooting heroin, and employed a hypnotist to get her through the racy sex scenes.

“I just didn’t want to hear, ‘Oh, we don’t want to see Reese have sex…Oh, can we not have any profanity?'” she explained to the magazine of stepping outside her comfort zone for the movie. “I wanted it to be truthful, I wanted it to be raw, I wanted it to be real.”

Witherspoon drew on her own experiences for the film, too. “Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors, but I think there’s a general sense now that I’ve lived a pretty textured life,” she told Vogue. “So many of the things that Cheryl goes through in the book I’ve been through, you know? I’ve been married, I’ve been divorced,” says the mom of three, who split from Ryan Phillippe in 2008 and married her second husband, Jim Toth, in 2011.

She added: “Cheryl has this idea that the things that have happened to you are part of you. There’s something really beautiful about that idea.”

Racy sex scenes and Reese Witherspoon have never been in the same sentence together, so it should be at the very least- entertaining.


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Randy Jackson and Wife of 18 Years Are Splitting Up…40 Million Bucks At Stake


I didn’t even know Randy ‘in it to win it’ Jackson was married. But apparently he has been for 18 years to Erika , but obviously things have soured since they’re divorcing. And since they have no prenup, 40 million dollars is at stake…and California is a no fault 50/50 state. Whoops.

The American Idol judge earned around $5 million a year towards the end of his 12 year tenure on the successful Fox show.

And in addition, he has amassed $40 million thanks to his collaborations with musical greats including Madonna, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey, the website reported on Sunday. 

Despite the split, the former couple are still happily living together with no allegations of infidelity.

Former ballet dancer Erika is seeking full physical custody and joint legal custody of the pair’s 17-year-old son Jordan. The couple also have a 19-year-old daughter, Zoe.

She is also asking for spousal support and for Jackson to pay her attorney’s fees. She also wishes to return to her maiden name of Riker.

The break-up comes several weeks after Jackson sold his estate in Tarzana, California, for $1.9million.

Well, at least they’re not fighting over the cash. Yet.


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George Clooney Is a Married Man… Here’s Some Photos Of The Newlyweds

I am obsessed with this dress that Amal is wearing. I could never pull it off in a million years, but I love it.


That dress is probably worth a fortune. Do think any photos from the actual wedding will pop in the media anywhere? I know they went to great lengths in the ceremony and reception to not have anyone take photos, by banning cellphones, and giving out free burner cameras (so they can keep track of who’s leaking what, if it happens). But I want some professional pictures! Like, Brangelina’s photos. C’mon Georgie, give em up.




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