TLC Has Cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo


And can I just say thank the good Lord above. It should have never been a show in the first place. It’s a depressing smear of humanity turning that little child into demon spawn. Way to encourage awful behavior, give her a tv show. Of course that’s not the reason it was cancelled. It’s just because her mom is/maybe/did date a child molester.

We’ve learned June has denied she’s seeing McDaniel, despite a photo we posted showing the 2 of them at a small party in a hotel room. TLC clearly did not believe her and cancelled the show because they felt she was putting her children at risk.
TLC has shot an entire new season of episodes but will not air them.  Although the show has fallen off its ratings high, we’re told it’s still very profitable, so TLC is taking a financial hit.
But the network is not turning its back on the kids, telling us, “Supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority.  TLC is faithfully committed to the children’s ongoing comfort and well-being.” Our sources say the network will pay for tutors and counselors for the kids.

Mama June CLAIMS she dated him 10 years ago, and wouldn’t date him again because of the child molestation business, but that does not explain that photo TMZ had of them in bed together from 2 weeks ago. Hm.

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Kristen Stewart Is Taking Some Time Off From Acting


She’s done 7 films back to back in the last 2 years, so I don’t blame her one bit.

‘I’m an actor and that’s my art form, and because I started that so young, I’ve always felt intimidated and insufficient when I think about other forms of art I want to create,’ she said.

The Twilight star then gushed about her upcoming plans.

‘I’m going to take so much time off,’ Kristen said. ‘I’m going to buy a live-work space in downtown LA and I’m going to make some (stuff) with my hands.

Literally, I made that decision a few weeks ago. I’m making a short film. I’m making a bunch of (stuff). I don’t know how I’ll put it out.

‘But I’m not going to hold it so preciously close to me. I write all the time.’

‘Now, I really have no apprehension about anything, which is great,’ she said. ‘I can get behind all of my creative endeavors more so than ever before.

‘I’m super happy and challenged and inspired and relaxed.’

She seems a hell of a lot happier now that all that Twilight business is in the past. She’s a gorgeous, talented woman and I’m looking forward to what she does next. Also, I SO wish I could pull off that hair cut like she does.


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Honey Boo Boo’s Mama June Is Dating a Convicted Child Sex Offender

Happy Thursday.


Ugh. This story gives me the heebie jeebies.

TLC is assessing Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’s future after the show’s matriarch has been linked to a child sex offender who has been out of jail just months.

The network is investigating the websites claims that the June Shannon is in a romantic relationship with Mark McDaniel.

The MailOnline has confirmed that the 53-year-old is a registered sex offender in the reality show’s home state of Georgia.

According to the registry Mark only got out of prison in March after he was convicted in 2004 of aggravated child molestation which is ‘when such person commits an offense of child molestation which act physically injures the child or involves an act of sodomy’.

TMZ reports that 34-year-old Mama June has been dating the convicted sex offender for the last few months, and the pair was pictured together in bed at a hotel room last month.

The website reports: ‘Prosecutors say he molested an 8-year-old child – forcing oral sex.’We’re told Honey Boo Boo’s mom has been seeing McDaniel for the last few months … sneaking away from production of the show and meeting up with him. We’re told she’s also been setting him up by buying him various gifts.’

A representative for TLC told the MailOnline: ‘TLC is not currently in production on HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO. We are very concerned about this new information and are reassessing the future of the series.’

GROSS. Just, gross. You hurt/touch a child in that manner, there is no forgiveness from me. That’s the lowest of the low. I just cannot believe this woman would knowingly enter a relationship with a person like this, especially because she has kids of her own. Young ones. She’s directly putting them in danger. Sick stuff.



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Lena Dunham Has Green Hair

Obviously, I have no problem whatsoever with people dying their hair unnatural colors. I myself have magenta hair, currently. But Lena’s coif looks like it was dyed with Kool Aid. You know she’s got enough money for a good dye job.


The Girls creator debuted the fresh color Wednesday evening on her Instagram, where she posed with her dog — still blonde — and captioned the photo, “Newly minted for the Canadian leg of the tour thanks to @tanneyb @rheannewhite.” (The shoutouts are to her colorist and hairstylist.)

I would like to know more about her canine companion.


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Jennifer Lopez Super Close To Inking Las Vegas Deal, Like Brit Brit


And at The Axis, the same place Britney’s Peep Show is held. But here’s the real dig. J Lo’s deal is looking like she’ll get 350,000 PER SHOW. (Ugh) and Britney only (ONLY haha) gets 310,000 a show. DRAMZ.

But Britney will ultimately score more than JLo because her contract provides she’ll do 96 shows over 2 years. JLo will do 72 shows, 3 times a week for 24 weeks over a 1 or 2 year period — the contract leaves that open.
So, in the end, Britney is guaranteed $29,760,000 for the 2-year run. JLo will be guaranteed $26,383,326.
It’s all chump change compared to Celine Dion … who does 70 shows a year and gets $33,320,000.

That’s because Celine Dion is the Queen. The Queen of everything. Don’t even try to argue with me because you’re just wrong.


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X-Man Director Bryan Singer Having Baby With Queer As Folk’s Michelle Clunie


But just as super close friends!

Turns out, sources familiar with the situation tell us … Michelle Clunie will raise the baby as her own after he or she is born. She will be listed as the mother on the birth certificate. She is NOT a surrogate.
We’re told Bryan and Michelle have been friends for years and he’s wanted this baby for a long time.
Contrary to reports, we’re told Michelle will not get paid for carrying the baby, but Bryan will cover living expenses … which is roughly equivalent to informal child support. He’s already purchased a place for her to live just doors down from his West Hollywood home.
And our sources say … the decision to have a baby was made long before Michael Egan accused Singer of molesting him when he was a minor. Egan dropped his lawsuit against Singer.

That sounds like a good way to do it. It worked in that Madonna movie, right? Actually, in all seriousness, this makes a hell of a lot of sense. They can raise their baby without any romantic feelings or inclinations getting in the way. Good for them.


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Lady Gaga’s New House Has a Bat Cave. Of Course It Does.


She just paid 23 million bucks for a gorgeous, huge Malibu mansion, and it’s coolest feature is a Bat Cave. Unsure on the contents.

Gaga’s new abode was designed by architect Steve Giannetti, and was previously owned by Dan Romanelli, founder of the Warner Brothers Worldwide Consumer Products Division. The European-inspired home is equipped with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a bocce ball court, bowling alley, wine cellar, stables and a saltwater pool in the backyard.

You can be jealous and look at photos HERE.

But it comes with her own personal “Batcave” — accessed through a secret passage in the living room — that’s equipped with an authentic 1960s bowling alley and two basketball free-throw machines.

She also gets an 800-bottle wine cellar, a lighted outdoor bocce ball court, a saltwater swimming pool (other than the Pacific Ocean across the street at Zuma Beach), and a master suite with his-and-hers bathrooms and walk-in closets in more than 10,000 square feet of living space. The master bath designated “hers” has a soaking tub, “his” a rain shower and steam shower; both have bidets and heated stone floors. “His” closet also contains a safe room, with a Crestron security system protecting the entire estate.

I want heated stone floors in my bathroom. Someone get on that, please.


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Shailene Woodley’s Boobs Are Great, Okay?


So, Shailene, our favorite forest elf, who drinks water from mountain streams, is starring in a new flick with Thomas Jane called ‘White Bird in a Blizzard’, and she has a nude scene with her co star (who is like, 22 years older than her… twice her age…not creepy at all!) and she was totes comfortable with it. Don’t worry.

About her oft-discussed sexy scene in the movie, it’s “crazy. And sort of wrong. But I felt great doing it. I was not fully robed. And our bodies had no makeup. Who needs makeup? I’m only 22. My boobs are great. They don’t need any help.”

Nice to see a woman (who has consented to have her body shown) be so down with herself.

As for the awkwardness of having her loved ones watch the sex scene, Shailene is too blessed to be stressed:

“My parents saw the film. I thought it might be awkward, but they both loved it.”

Well, that is actually awesome. Good for her being secure and loving her own body! She is lucky that she feels that way. Most 22 year olds are a bit more insecure (I sure as hell was).


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Blake Lively Is a Stunning Pregnant Lady

She and her husband, Ryan Reynolds, were on the red carpet last night in NYC for the Angel Ball. She dared to wear a form fitting dress with her baby bump and she looks fantastical.


They are the most attractive couple ever. It’s kind of ridiculous.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted ever since I was a little girl,” she shared. “I never knew what I wanted to do for a living, but I knew I wanted to have a lot of kids because I had come from a big family, so it was always important to me.”

For his part, Reynolds, who turns 38 on Thursday, has been more lighthearted about impending fatherhood.

“On the plane over here I was trying to think of baby names,” the dad-to-be told eTalk (via Access Hollywood). “I don’t want a name that’s anything pretentious or, like, Hollywoody. So I’m going with Excalibur Anaconda Reynolds…that’s if it’s a girl,” he quipped.


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Renee Zellweger Has An Entirely New Face

She looks like a completely different human. As someone said, it’s not even ‘bad’ plastic surgery. She just looks like someone else entirely!! She’s erased aspects of her face that made her unique and I find that depressing as hell.


For comparison, a photo of Renee from when she won her Oscar:


What the hell happened?! The Elle event last night was the first time Renee has been to any sort of public event in a long ass time.. and I guess that’s why she decided to debut her new face? She lost her squint. I can’t help but wonder if that was her aim, since gossip bloggers have been making fun of / calling her ‘squinty’ for years. Very sad. She doesn’t look bad, per se, she’s just not the same.



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